Mom's Minute 6-10-2013

In this special, live, simulcast  Mom's Minute episode coverage of Sony's E3, 2013 press conference,  Ms. H is joined by DerrickH and Oscar.  No stone is left unturned as Ms. H leads lively discussions  on the conference events,  ranging from the perceptions of the host, the late start of the conference as well as its extended duration --  to the many video game demonstrations.  Having  covered Microsoft's press conference earlier in the day, Ms. H compares the two, pitting Sony against Microsoft relative to video games,  and the current and new generation video game consoles including how used games will be handled.  Excitement mounts during the show as the first look at the PS 4 is revealed at the press conference followed by the announcement of its $399.99 price.  Ms. H rounds out the show with her overall assessment of the E3 Sony Press Conference as well as her takeaways from it.

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