Mom's Minute 7-22-2019

As they say, "The show or podcast must go on!"  In light of or in spite of some minor technical challenges, Ms. H forges ahead for the Nightwaves or her listeners to deliver her 256th episode of the Mom's Minute Splash Videogame Podcast or MMSVP.  With the excellent help of the producer of the podcast, she made lemonade out of lemons -- much to the enjoyment of the Nightwaves. Ms. H discusses the free Xbox One video game she played, Brawlhalla, which she highly recommends.  Delving into the future of the internet, she discusses the idea of having a separate, probably more safer internet. Following her first look at the Cats movie trailer, Ms. H discusses changes in the upcoming sequel to the Top Gun movie starring Tom Cruise.  Ms. H rounds out MMSVP with her special original Mom's Minute saying to "Absorb the power of positivity, churn and release it to share with yourself, others and the world."

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