Mom's Minute 4-2-2018

Happy Monday Everybody! Awesome Con takes center stage and Ms. H discusses other interesting video game topics on the 249th episode of the Mom's Minute with Ms. H Video Game Show. Ms. H wishes that everyone had a happy Easter and a happy April Fools' Day on April 1.  Humble Bundle discussion with a Ms. H listener is shared.  Ms. H lists new video game releases. She discusses the free PS4 video game she played, Bloodborne and gives it a grade rating. The video game event is The Great Philadelphia Comic Con and Awesome Con tops the video game news segment.  Lively discussion followed on video games that may be inducted into the Video Game Hall of Fame, including the voting criteria.  The Mom's Minute Trivia question is shared. Ms. H rounds out the Mom's Minute with Ms. H Video Game Show with words for you, short and sweet to stay focused on your goal with positivity leading the way.

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