Mom's Minute 2-12-2018

On the 243rd episode of the Mom's Minute with Ms. H Video Game Show, Ms. H assured everyone she will have a show on Monday, February 19, 2018, President's Day.  She welcomed everyone to return to the show next week for more fun, information sharing and more.  She discussed the free PC video game she played, Battlerite and new video game releases.  Lively discussion ensued on the Tonya Harding controversy during the Video Game Hot Topics segment.  Ms. H also gave her opinion on Elon Musk sending a car into space.  The video game event is Evo scheduled to be held August 5-8, 2018 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Ms. H shared her advice during the Ms. H 411 segment and encouraged listeners to send questions or situations to her if they would like her assistance. She announced the winner of last week's #MomsMinuteTrivia Contest as well as the new video game trivia question. Ms. H rounds out the show with her words for you short and sweet that smiles are contagious in a good way.    

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