Mom's Minute 12-4-2017

Happy Monday! Ms. H welcomes special guest Ben Anderson, author of The McGunnegal Chronicles to the Mom's Minute with Ms. H Video Game Show's 238th episode.  Prior to Ben Anderson's interview, Ms. H discussed the free PS4 video game she played, Dungeon Punks followed by new video game releases.  She talked about the L.A. Auto Show event as well. The celebrity gamer featured is actress Jaimie Alexander, the star of the TV show Blindspot.  Ms. H then welcomes special guest Ben Anderson who provided background information on his book including what the reader could gain from The McGunnegal Chronicles and where it can be obtained.  Additionally Ben Anderson shared advice to writers interested in getting their book published. The #MomsMinuteTrivia contest winner was announced and a new #MomsMinuteTrivia question was provided by Ms. H of Mom's Minute Video Game Show. Ms. H rounds out the show with words for you short and sweet that positive change is exhilarating -- embrace it.  

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