Mom's Minute 5-1-2017

Happy first day of May!  Ms. H of Mom's Minute Video Game starts her 224th episode with her Mom's Minute Video Game itunes podcast in the spotlight.  Ms. H discusses ratings and asks everyone to subscribe to the Mom's Minute Video Game Podcast on itunes as well as post a review.   Ms. H talks about the free Xbox 360 backwards compatible video game she played on her Xbox One, Civilization Revolution.  She announces the successful completion of her 30-day challenge for AllGames.  Ms. H discusses her video game field trip to the arcade section of the local movie theater as well as the video games Nexus: Jupiter in keeping with featuring a game relative to planet  on the first Monday of each month.   Atomic Blonde is the additional video game character featured.  Ms. H lists new video game releases and rounds out the Mom's Minute Video Game Show with her special original saying of may your grasp for success and happiness extend far beyond your reach.        

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