Mom's Minute 4-10-2017

Ms. H welcomes everyone to the 221st episode of the Mom's Minute Video Game Show. Ms. H talks about the free PS4 video game she played, Drawn Death that she would have liked better without the profanity.  Since this was the first Monday in April for the Mom's Minute Video Game Show, Ms. H discussed the video game character from the video game Vinyl Goddess of Mars for the planet Mars which is the fourth planet from the sun.  The other video game character featured is Elektra from Marvel Comics as well as the video game.  Ms. H announced that Elektra will be featured on the website.  Ms. H reminds everyone to enter the 30 day challenge to provide 30 consecutive days worth of content to which will start any time content is submitted before April 30, 2017.  Prize is your favorite bobble head action figure. She discusses her video game field trip to H.H. Gregg which is going out of business in the area she visited. Interesting discussion ensued on the video games available on Humble Bundle as well as the airline incidence in the news.  Ms. H provides information on new video game releases and discusses the upcoming event of Tidewater Comic Con as part of the video game news. Ms. H rounds out the Mom's Minute Video Game Show with her special original saying that when you always look on the bright side, every day will be filled with happiness.

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