Mom's Minute 3-27-2017

Springtime  is here! Spring rejuvenation and freshness starts on the Mom's Minute Video Game Show's 220th episode  as Ms. H welcomes everyone to the show.  Ms. H introduced the changes expected and invited her listeners to let her know of any additional changes.  The video game Ms. H played was Fall Out Shelter, a free game on the Xbox One console if you are an Xbox live gold member. The game is free for a limited time. Ms. H followed this topic with the video game character of the week, Vanessa from the video game King of Fighters. She discussed her video game field trip to Cloud 9 as well as new videogame releases.  Ms. H introduced a new segment of the show, Hot Flicks at Your Fingertips followed by video game news, which was topped off by the upcoming L.A. Gaming Conference. Ms. H talks about the video game news of free video games available on the Xbox One.  Ms. H rounds out the Mom's Minute Video Game Show with her special original saying that your happiness is here -- meet it head on.

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