Mom's Minute 3-20-2017

Happy First Day of Spring!  Ms. H, the host of Mom's Minute Video Game Show welcomes everyone to the 219th episode on the first day of spring.  She changes things up by discussing two video game field trips for her listening audience instead of the regular video game segments.  Ms. H will return to broadcasting these segments at the next show.  Towards that end, Ms. H discussed two fun video game field trips to F.Y.E. and Funville.  She gave both a positive comments and marvelled at the life-size statues of Harley Quinn and Batman at F.Y.E.  Ms. H details other items available at F.Y.E. as well.  Interesting conversation transpired about Star Wars.  Impressive information was provided about during the show including the high calibre of podcasts as well as other features that you do not want to miss.  Ms. H rounds out the show with her special original saying that positivity and action are definitely the answers.      

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