Mom's Minute 3-6-2017

Mom's Minute Video Game Show's 217th episode was packed full of video game information that was augmented by comments from her listeners as well.  What a way to start a show that was lit in every sense of the word.  Ms. H entertained listener input early in the show as well as explained the content of this, the first show, on the first Monday in the month of March. She discusses the fun free video game she played on her PS4 called Not a Hero, with Ms. H suggesting to drop the negative "Not" and going with the game being called "A Hero." However to be honest to form, Ms. H retained using the given name for the video game. As alluded to earlier, being the first Monday of the new month, Ms. H featured a video game character named Tessa who is from the Street Fighter-like arcade video game Red Earth.  Red Earth was an excellent name of a game  to correlate with the planet earth and the place to find the female video game character of the week, Tessa, the sorcerer. Tessa was a good sorcerer and used her powers for the good even though she is a fighter. The celebrity video gamer is Emma Watson from the Harry Potter movies as well as an upcoming movie, Beauty and the Beast.  The video game field trip was one of the many highlights of the show due to discussion of the new gaming system, Nintendo Twitch. Ms. H's article is located at . Microsoft's answer to PC games being affected by pop-ups, advertisements, etc. was discussed. Ms. H rounds out the Mom's Minute Video Game Show with her special, original saying that there is no price on happiness..just smile and you will feel like a million dollars!

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