Mom's Minute 11-21-2016

Happy Pre-Thanksgiving!  Ms. H welcomes everyone to the 206th episode of Mom's Minute Video Game Show. Final Fantasy video game franchise gets attention as Ms. H uses theme music as well as songs and shared content relative to the game. Ms. H talks about her views on the DVD blu-ray movie, Kingsglaive - Final Fantasy XV as well as the PS3 video game she played, Final Fantasy XIII-2. Lively discussion followed on Ms. H video game field trip to Calendars and Games retail establishment.  The video game character featured is Gentiana and the celebrity video gamer is actress - voice actress Lena Headey.  Some of the video games released in November 2016 top the video game news.  Ms. H rounds out the Mom's Minute Video Game Show with her special original saying to seal your happiness with positivity.    

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