Mom's Minute 11-14-2016

On this, the 205th episode of Mom's Minute Video Game Show, post election day, Ms. H welcomes everyone with uplifting musical interlude selections.  Ms. H discusses the new mini Nintendo Classic console. Lively discussion included the limited availability of this system with Ms. H stating her draw to this console was the PacMan video game.  Announcement was made about the variety of Allgames t-shirts available at Ms. H talks about the video game she played, The Deadly Tower of Monsters as well as the video game character of the week, Yuna from Final Fantasy.  Ms. H discusses her video game field trips to GameStop, Best Buy as well as her fun visit to GameWorks.  The celebrity video gamer of the week is Meghan Markle and the release of Watch Dogs 2 as well as the mini Nintendo Classic console top the news.  Ms. H rounds out the Mom's Minute Video Game Show with her special original saying that with a voice of reason, guided by positivity, you will surely succeed.

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