Mom's Minute 2-8-2016

It's not every day that you will see a video game talk show host sort of compared to the MVP of a Super Bowl  football game.  That is -- not unless you are listening to Ms. H's of Mom's Minute Video Game Show 183rd episode.  In this episode, Ms. H compares her outlook on not capitaliziing on her chance to win the Killer Instinct video game match that was previously held against the manner in which Cam Newton, the MVP of the Carolina Panthers loss against the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl 50.  The Denver Broncos won Super Bowl 50 with a score of 24 to 10. Before discussing this comparison, Ms. H welcomes everyone to the first-ever after Super Bowl 50 Mom's Minute Video Game Show Party Celebration  and mentions some of the exciting days happening in February.  She honors the late Maurice White of Earth, Wind and Fire by playing one of the groups' well known hits -- September followed by a short rendition of the National Anthem as sung by Lady Gaga.  She continues on with the show by confirming that even though she sometimes calls in to the Dead Pixel Live video game show, that she indeed, still has her own live weekly video game show, Mom's Minute as created and produced by her son.  Ms. H lets her listening audience lead the topic of discussion which was centered around her reaction to not quite winning the KI tournament.  An interactive on-line poll was posted on asking whether or not Ms. H should have a rematch against the reigning champion.  Ms. H is in fact the reigning champion and as such should be given the chance for a rematch and a win. Ms. H provides legitimate reasons for a rematch and was glad when three of her listeners called in to express their views on this topic. Ms. H discusses the after Super Bowl 50 press interview that Cam Newton seemed to drudgingly give.  Ms. H states that unlike Cam Newton of Super Bowl 50 who was prepared to play in the Super Bowl -- but failed short in his performance --  she was not prepared to fight in the KI tournament and in fact had requested to reschedule due to a series of events that heppened prior to the tournament.  Based on a realtime poll, all three listeners who called in agreed that Ms. H should be given a chance to win the KI tournament by way of a rematch. Before closing the show, Ms. H requested everyone to vote "Yes" on the  online poll for her to be granted a KI rematch. Ms. H rounds out the show with her original, special saying that your current success will breed even greater success in the future.    

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