Mom's Minute 9-28-2015

Ms. H welcomes everyone to her exciting House Party 167th edition of Mom's Minute Video Game Show which features interviewing her special guest, Basil Masters, Actor, Martial Artist, Director and Martial Artist Choreographer, also known as Basil The White Dragon Masters. Ms. H talks about the video game character of the week, Cassie Cage from the video game Mortal Kombat X as well as new video game releases. TwitchCon 2015 tops the video game news.  Ms. H introduces Basil Masters who discusses his acting and Martial Arts background including growing up in Dubai.  He described himself as an actor who knows Martial Arts.  Interesting discussion followed on what it takes to  succeed in Martial Arts.  Basil Masters talked about his Martial Arts training as well as the  vitamins including those to help one bounce back after strenuous training.  He discussed how he was singled out to be a part of a film that required Martial Arts expertise, and  stated his best performance was Bare Knuckles Streets of Rage.  He  provided an in depth comparison between Martial Arts and Mixed Martial Arts, MMA.   Basil Masters informed everyone where he can be contacted via social media including Facebook and Instagram.  Ms. H thanked Basil Masters  for the interview on Mom's Minute Video Game Show. Ms. H rounds out the show with her special original saying to be fresh and rejuvenated by being positive in all that you do and say.

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