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What About the Musical Selections in The Lion King (2019)? The Lion King (2019) Movie Review by Ms. H

Disclaimer: The views expressed here are mine alone and do not represent those of

Introduction to The Lion King (2019) Movie Review by Ms. H

Believe it or not,this is the first time I watched a Lion King movie, even though there have been several Lion King movies released in the past.  I think this was to my benefit because I did not know exactly what the storyline would be or how it may or mey not have changed from the previous movies. 

That being said, I was anticipating lots of musical, broadway-type selections in The Lion King (2019) movie.  Did the musical numbers meet my expectations?  Even more importantly, was the movie itself worth watching or should I and maybe you wait for The Lion King (2019) to go to DVD or streaming services?  Check out my movie review of The Lion King (2019) to find out!

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Cinematography in The Lion King (2019) Movie

If there is an award for the most impressive cinematography for a movie, I believe The Lion King (2019) would be in the running to win it. There are many aesthetic scenes in the movie including landscapes, deserts as well as mountainous terrains.  In fact,  if you happen to lose track of the story-line, you can always just sit back and enjoy the scenic views in the movie.

Musical Selections in The Lion King (2019) Movie

As I alluded to earlier, I expected a few  musical selections in the movie The Lion King (2019). For what it's worth, the number of musical selections were adequate for the film length. I think one of the uplifting songs sung by Beyonce could have lasted longer for the audience enjoyment. However, this was not the case. One of the inspiring songs in the movie  (Spirit) by Beyonce appeared to be cut short, By the way, Beyonce voiced the part of Nala, Simba’s romantic interest and Simba was voiced by Donald Glover.

Little known fact about the Lion King (2019) movie:  Some people complained about the unappealing look of the warthog (Pumbaa) played by Seth Rogen as compared to the cartoon version.

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Mufasa and Simba At the top of the Mountain in The Lion King (2019) Movie

This mountain scene appeared to be overly recurring in The Lion King (2019) movie. You may be familiar with the scene of the lion and/or the cub standing on top of a mountain. If not, you will get to see this scene plenty of times during the movie.  Depending on your preferences, this may or may not be a good thing.

Lighting in The Lion King (2019) Movie

I think there should have been brighter lighting for longer periods of time in this movie.  The movie starts off with bright colorful backgrounds, but about midway through the movie, the scenery took on a dark hue that stay mostly this way throughout.  Yes, the conflict in the movie was dark, and maybe the lighting was changed to match it; however, I think  brighter backgrounds, CGI, etc. would have made the movie more enjoyable to watch.

Assessment of The Lion King (2019) Movie

If you are a fan of the Lion King movies, you may like this one also.  That being said, the plot can be sort of sad in some parts and inspiring in other sections.  The movie has two comedy relief characters in it -- (Zazu is voiced by John Oliver & Timmon played by Billy Eichner). Regarding the various scenes in the movie -- there seemed to be a lot of emphasis on the conflict in the movie instead of the plight of Simba becoming king. However, I guess the writers may done this to stay true to the story.

What about the musical selections in The Lion King (2019) movie ? -- I think they were adequate for the movie but needed a more emotional rendition of Spirit AS sung by Beyonce-- similar to the full video of the song that she recently released.

In my opinion, a huge plus for the movie was the diverse cast of voice actors. Additionally, I could tell quite a bit of creativity including a lot of CGI went into making this movie. Overall, I would venture to say that The Lion King (2019) movie may be worth your time and money. 

Rating of The Lion King (2019) Movie

Based on a rating  of 1 star to 5 stars with 5 stars being the highest, I rate The Lion King Movie (2019) four (4) stars. 

Did New Characters Boost Toy Story 4’s Ratings? Find Out Now! Toy Story 4 Movie Review by Ms. H

Disclaimer:  The views expressed here are mine alone and do not represent those of

Introduction to the Toy Story 4 Movie Review by Ms. H.

 If you saw the latest rendition in the Toy Story movie franchise, you may have noticed there were some new characters introduced.  In addition to the usual characters of Woody played by Tom Hanks and Bo Peep, voice acted by Annie Potts, there were other characters as well. Riding on his surge of internet and John Wick 3 popularity is Keanu Reeves as the motorcyclist Duke Caboom. However, the question is was the Toy Story movie enjoyable to watch because of the new characters or did they make any difference at all. Check out my movie review of the Toy Story 4 film to find out.


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Plot of the Toy Story 4 Movie

The plot of the Toy Story 4 movie was simple. The story revolves around an attempt on Woody’s part to locate his romantic interest little Bo Peep who was no longer wanted by her previous owner. She was being carted away from the other toys and of course, Woody had to search for her. 

Woody also met and made friends with a new character -- Forky who is in fact a plastic fork. When I saw the movie previews, I got the impression the writer was grabbing at “straws” -- pun intended -- when a fork was added to the cast of the Toy Story 4 movie.  However, after watching the film for awhile, this new character Forky may start to grow on you.

Pros of the Toy Story 4 Movie

Regarding the new characters -- I think their introduction in the mx added to the number of story scenarios for the characters. 

Another pro of the Toy Story 4 movie is that it is one  the entire family can enjoy. There were no overt violence or bloody scenes and the movie moved along at a relatively good pace.  Additionally the length of the movie was just right for the storyline.

0 toy story 4

By the way, my favorite character in the movie was the doll with the red hair -- Gabby Gabby who was voiced by Christina Hendricks.  Sometimes it was difficult to figure out if she was a good or bad guy, especially when she had two mannequins doing her deeds for her.

If I watch the Toy Story 4 movie again, I would probably skip to the part where she appears, because in a way she was both comical and entertaining.  Additionally, I think the actor who voice acted this character was a good match. Of course, if you see the movie, you may have your own opinion as to which character stood out for you.

Cons of the Toy Story 4 Movie

The biggest problem I found with the Toy Story 4 movie is that in just about every scene Woody was chasing someone or something which became repetitive after a while.

Spoiler Alert: Another con or problem was a scene where an older woman was hit  in the face with an object, not once but twice. Somehow the writer/director thought this was a funny scene.  While some of the audience laughed at this part, I thought this scene was out of place in the Toy Story 4 movie.

The Toy Story 4 movie plot was highly predictable -- so much so that if I had left my seat and returned, I could tell you what transpired while I was away.

Spoiler alert:  An annoying and again repetitious part of the movie was Forky wanting to return to the trash can and Woody removing him again and again from the can. I think too many scenes were devoted to this action.  

Little Known Fact about Toy Story 4 Movie : This movie was criticized by some for its lack of diversity regarding the cast of characters.

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Assessment of Toy Story 4 Movie

I  wanted to rate the Toy Story 4 movie high; however, as hard as I tried, I could not see myself giving this film a 4 star or a 5 star rating. Yes, there was some action, a few funny parts, but for the most part I did not enjoy this movie as much as I expected I would.  In my opinion, new characters made the Toy Story movie different but did not boost my enjoyment level. In fact, I think it’s time for Pixar to develop more creative story ideas if it continues to have sequels to the Toy Story movies. 

Rating of the Toy Story 4 Movie

Based on a rating of 1 star to 5 stars with 5 stars being the highest, I rate the Toy Story 4 movie 3 stars.


AT&T Shape Event Wows in L.A. California!

Introduction to AT&T  Shape Event Wows in L. A. California

I happened upon the AT&T Shape event as I was browsing the internet a few weeks ago.  I begin my browsing by checking on the then upcoming E3 Video Game Expo, and somehow I found myself reading about the  AT&T Shape Event. Go Figure.

Caution! The name “ AT&T Shape” can be misleading.  Even though “Shape” is literally in the name, this event is not focused on getting in shape -- which -- by the way is always a good thing.  Instead AT&T Shape can be described as a Tech - Film - Networking - Gaming event and because of its location also included a tour of the Warner Brothers Studios.  

Here are some of my highlights and suggestions from the AT&T Shape Event I attended June 22-23, 2019 in Los Angeles, California.

Get Your Ticket(s) Early

First of all, you need a ticket to get in.  In return you will gain entry to the event and get a wristband which is good for one or two days depending on your ticket. My advice is to get your ticket early because this event sells out quickly.  Not knowing this at first, I simply got my ticket early because I wanted to make sure I didn’t forget about it. Now I’m glad I did secure my ticket when I did.  About a week before the event, I casually checked the website and found a big “Sold Out” notice  on the front page of the website.  Whew! I guess the saying is true that it's "good not to put off until tomorrow what you can do today."

AT&T Shape Event Cost of Admittance

It would be nice if the AT&T Shape event was free -- but there is a cost involved.  The cost starts at $100.00 for two days. I did not see an option to attend as media. The event is held on a Saturday and Sunday, so for two days of news, entertainment, fun experiences, etc.  -- you are essentially paying $50.00 a day which depending on your budget can be rather affordable. 

Once you enter AT&T Shape, there is not a central eating area, so you may find yourself ordering food from food trucks, etc. which can be expensive. As for me, I did not eat any food from these trucks, but partook of the free water stations the event had to make sure I stayed hydrated. As expected, the event occurred on a beautiful, California weekend.

IMG 7946

AT&T Shape Event in a Nutshell

The AT&T Shape Event is mostly a festival - trade show - film happening with some gaming thrown in.  As you pass the entrance which is a wall covered with greenery and the word “Shape” prominently displayed, you may immediately feel like you are at an outdoor concert. There were lots of people walking around as well as areas set aside for bands - singers, exhibits etc.  Along the way, there are various buildings where companies displayed and tooted their wares.

IMG 7954

If you are not clear on directions once inside the event --  there is an information desk personnel available for assistance. The schedule of events, including guest speakers (usually celebrities) are posted on the website as well as a the map.  Unfortunately, there are no directions on paper for you to walk around with, except for those that were kept at the information desk. But don’t fret. As you walk around, there are large signs showing where you are with locations of various destinations.

IMG 8016 copy

Guest Speakers at the AT&T Shape Event

At this year’s AT&T Shape event, there were various well-known actors and entertainment personalities who graced the building at stage 26. Stage 26 is a large auditorium that holds up to 1,000 people.  Celebrity appearances included Tyra Banks, Geena Davis, Laverne Cox, Elizabeth Banks and others. 

 I liked that the presentations were not very long and lasted no more than 45 minutes before another guest was scheduled to appear. You can pretty much sit in any available seat even though there were ushers directing you where to sit. If you are directed to a seat that you are not quite satisfied with, just politely ask if another seat is available, until you find a spot you would like to sit. Better still -- get there early and pick a seat of your choice.

IMG 8288

There are no photo op sessions.  However, I liked that Laverne Cox took the time to go to the edge of the stage after she finished interviewing Elizabeth Banks to greet people. Usually, after their appearance, the celebrities did not greet the audience but just walked off stage.  Of course you can take pictures with your cell phone etc. during the discussions.

IMG 8298

Networking at the AT&T Shape Event

Prior to the event, a company via a website helps you meet people who may have similar interests, goals, etc. as you. The networking area is physically set up with numbers on poles. You simply find the number that matches the number you were provided from the website, and hopefully you can network.  The time frame allotted for networking is 15 minutes, so it will not take up too much of your time.

IMG 7962

My minor complaint is there is no online mechanism to cancel prior appointments you may have set up.  So unfortunately, if you set up an appointment and must cancel -- there is no way you can do so.

IMG 8026

Warner Brothers' Studios Tour

I took the Warner Brothers Studios Tour while at the AT&T Shape event on Saturday. Yes --as expected -- the lines were long on Saturday. This was an exciting tour, but my complaint here is the guide seemed to rush through the various locations and did not go into detail as much as I would have liked in explaining the sets, stages, exhibits, etc.

IMG 8117

When I returned to AT&T Shape on Sunday, i noticed the guides were walking around trying to get people to take the tour. In fact, there was no one in line for the Warner Brothers Studio tour. However, I’m happy I took the tour on Saturday with more people present -- instead of Sunday when I spent a shorter time at the event. Sometimes, the more people -- the merrier.

My Thoughts and Lessons from the  AT&T Shape Event 

If I were to grade this event, I would give the AT&T Shape a solid A -- not an A+ or an A-.  If you go to the AT&T Shape Event, go with enthusiasm and anticipation to have a fun time and you will.  

I especially  enjoyed the various tech meetings including AmDocs and the VR presentations.I also liked the segment where Tyra Banks talked about her career as well as other projects. 

I gleaned advice from the appearance of Elizabeth Banks, who is an actress and producer. The take away I received from Elizabeth Banks who was interviewed by Laverne Cox, was that if you say that you are in a particular field -- you must “Just do it.” 

 The example she gave was even though her husband thought of himself as a producer -- early on, he did not have anything of substance to show that he was a producer.  His lesson learned was that if he said that he is a producer -- he must produce. So he started producing shows, movies which was of great benefit to him.

For example, if you think of yourself as a writer -- You must write. If you consider yourself a painter, you must paint, etc.  However, it is not enough to just do these things -- you must do them exceptionally well -- because as you know, there is always competition and other constraints waiting to challenge you. It goes without saying that sometimes while pursuing your passion, you must also have a way to pay the bills.  At the time of her transition to being a Producer, Elizabeth Banks mentioned she had an office job.

Since then,  Elizabeth Banks -- has experienced success in TV and movies as well.  In fact, among other thnigs, she discussed the upcoming Charlie's Angels movie that involves her and will be in movie theaters soon. 

Wrap-Up of the AT&T Shape Event

Regardless of which event you may choose to attend -- it really helps if the people in attendance are friendly.  I can attest to the fact that I only met positive, friendly people at the AT&T Shape Event. In addition to friendly people, there were big name companies there that were pushing their wares, including Google, Samsung, Netgear and others. In reference to the film and entertainment industries, there were celebrities present that are well known and I would consider A-listers.  

Bottom line -- If you go to the AT&T Shape Event, be ready to have a fun - entertaining - enjoyable time -- like I did. If AT&T Shape is scheduled next year, I’m anxious to see what they have in store. My DM or direct message to the AT&T Shape Event people is -- “Keep up the good work!”




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