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Roman J. Israel, Esq. Movie Review by Ms. H

Disclaimer:  The views expressed here are mine alone and do not represent those of

 Roman J. Israel, Esq. Movie Introduction

Roman J. Israel, Esq. is by no means a superhero movie, so if you are still hyped up about Justice League, Thor: Ragnarok, Wonder Woman or other similar type movies based on DC or Marvel comic book characters, now is the time to take a break for a short while.  I would classify Roman J. Israel, Esq. starring Denzel Washington as a character study movie tinged with a bit of corruption and conspiracy.  There are no spoilers in my movie review so if you plan to see this movie, feel free to check out my movie review either before or after you see Roman J. Israel, Esq.

Storyline of  Roman J. Israel, Esq.  Movie

Fortunately, there are not a slew of multiple storylines following various characters in Roman J. Israel, Esq.  The movie is essentially about Roman J. Israel who is played by Denzel Washington. There is no murder mystery, police corruption, serial killer, psychopath, rescue, criminal mastermind or other similar type plots involved.   This movie is simply about a character who many may say have various eccentricities that may or may not seem quite normal or expected in everyday life.   

Denzel Washington’s Portrayal of Roman J. Israel, Esq. Movie

In my opinion, Denzel Washington did an outstanding job in displaying the character from his point of view.  I happened upon a  brief on-line  interview with the director of Roman J. Israel, Esq. before I saw the movie.  The director indicated he was more than happy to give oscar-winning Denzel Washington full range on how he wanted to portray the character of Roman J. Israel, Esq.  On the same interview show, Denzel Washington gave a brief insight into playing Roman J. Israel, Esq.  He was asked what was his favorite part of the film, which he responded with -- not a specific scene -- but with a particular speech disfluency he demonstrated at one time in the movie.  Once you see Roman J. Israel, Esq., you will probably be able to tell which speech disfluency he was referring to.

20171121T1058 12761 CNS MOVIE REVIEW ROMAN ISRAEL 1300x682

Acting Ability of the Actors in Roman J. Israel, Esq. Movie

I have yet to see a movie starring Denzel Washington that was not to my liking and of critical acclaim.  I think almost everyone is aware of the movie, Training Day, from which Denzel Washington obtained the coveted academy award.  Of course this does not mean that his acting ability was not worthy of an award prior to and even after the movie Training Day.  This just happens to be the one movie he was publicly awarded for based upon his excellence in acting.  In fact, I can not recall any movie that Denzel Washington starred in that would be considered a B movie.  This is thanks in part to the type movies Denzel Washington chooses to star in as well as his extraordinary acting abilities.

Of course there were other actors in the Roman J. Israel, Esq. movie, including Carmen Ejogo and an actor who has starred in quite a number of big movies, Colin Farrell.  The other actors played their roles in tune with the movie; however, their acting skills were no comparison to the caliber of Denzel Washington’s.

cb17 romanisraelesq denzel final

Previews of Roman J. Israel, Esq. Movie

Since I’ve already seen the movie, Roman J. Israel, Esq., I can appreciate  the scenes shown in the previews that were adequate without spoiling the movie for me.  Before seeing the movie, I could only guess what this Roman J. Israel, Esq. character was all about.  One preview scene that stood out for me was when Denzel Washington was talking to his client about confidentiality while displaying a look on his face that may be a little suspect.

Assessment of Roman J. Israel, Esq. Movie

I whole-heartedly describe Roman J. Israel, Esq. as a must-see movie if you like movies that have the elements of a novel that you can’t seem to put down.  Roman J. Israel, Esq. movie displays a character who edifies by actions and expressions various human emotions of rejection, rebellion, acceptance as well as humiliation and even self-sacrifice all demonstrated by an actor who seemed destined to play this role -- Denzel Washington.  Some of the other actors could have improved on their acting; however, my movie rating will be based on the actor, Denzel Washington, who carried the movie and whose acting is the reason, I highly recommend you see it.

Rating of Roman J. Israel, Esq. Movie

Based on a rating of 1 to 5 stars with 5 stars being the highest, I rate Roman J. Israel, Esq. 5 stars.

Where to Shop on Black Friday! - Black Friday Sales Graded by Ms. H


Disclaimer:  The views expressed here are mine alone and do not represent those of

Black Friday Sales - Where to Shop

It’s that time of the year when companies make a big push to either increase sales or keep their profits in the black.  Of course, I’m referring to Black Friday sales where it is not unheard of for companies to make a positive difference in their bottom line during this time. Consumers tend to follow the first come-first served rule in order to get the merchandise that is offered at greatly reduced prices -- sometimes -- unfortunately, not too orderly.  I want to help you decide where to shop on Black Friday. You may want to know  just how good are the Black Friday sales.  Is it worth your time and effort to leave the comfort of your home to shop for deals? Even if you are shopping online, it will take time and money to search, compare and choose where you plan to spend your hard earned dollars.

This is where I come in.  This year I will be grading Black Friday sales based on price and special Black Friday sales’ offers.  Regarding sales offers, one of the retailers that usually gets a low grade moved up a notch due to the especially enticing offer that went along with the Black Friday sale. To provide background on how my research was done -- this year -- I checked Black Friday sales online as well as on the video game consoles -- Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Remember -- this is mostly a video game/tech Black Friday sales' grading,  so I will not be taking into account any other merchandise. I also randomly select sale items, so feel free to check the Black Friday sales to be sure you are not missing out on any!

I will start with the lowest graded retailer for Black Friday sales and end my grading with the retailer that scored the highest.  Remember, smart phones and other tech are not included in my grading, so there will not be an assessment of Apple iPhones,Samsung smartphones, Google Pixel phone, watches or similar type merchandise.

Newegg -- Grade D-

To cut to the chase, the video game deals found at Newegg are not competitive.   There were no items that stood out to me  with a “must-buy” price.  For example Xbox One S is selling for $189.99 which is not a big discount.  Also PS4 Slim is selling for $199.99 which is close to the price this system is being offered by other retailers.  So to save time, I would suggest you skip Newegg for Black Friday sales on video games and video game systems unless you are curious about other items they have on sale.

Kohls -- Grade  D

Believe it or not, the department store Kohl's is being graded relative to video games/tech for Black Friday sales.  During one of my Mom’s Minute with Ms. H Video Game Shows, I discussed my video game field trip to Kohl’s and shared with my listeners that I was surprised at the array of video games as well as video game consoles available there.  Unfortunately, Kohl’s Black Friday sales model seems to rely heavily on tempting you to shop at Kohl’s by adding Kohl’s cash.  For example, you can purchase a PS4 Slim for $200.00 and receive $60.00 Kohl’s cash.  This means that the PS4 Slim is still costing you $200.00.  You just get $60.00 in Kohl's’ cash (coupon) that you must spend at Kohl’s. This is a waste of money if you do not plan to make any other purchases at Kohl’s.  Another “deal” that  involves Kohl’s cash is you can purchase an Xbox One S for $190.00 and get  $45.00 in Kohl’s cash.

Due to this Kohl’s cash sales tactic, Kohl’s did not fare well in my grading.  Kohl’s received a D instead of an F because I think it is a plus for Kohl's to venture in the video game business. They just need to get rid of the Kohl's cash angle.

Toys R Us -- Grade C-

I checked the online flyer and it seemed that video games as well as other related tech are being treated as “stepchildren.” In other words,  I had to stroll through several ads before I got to the video games, and when I did, it really was not worth it.  Toys R Us has the PS4 Slim 1TB selling for $199.99 which is pricing similar to the competitors. Regarding video games, Outlast is selling for $29.99 which is only a $10.00 savings over the regular price.  Another game that has a $10.00 savings is Forza Horizon 3, which is on sale for $49.99 Additionally, FIFA 18 is selling for $34.99.  None of these discounts are steep enough to qualify for big Black Friday sales, especially when other retailers are selling the same video games or systems at much lower prices.

A plus for Toys R Us is if you purchase a game online that sells for $29.99 or more, you get free shipping.

Best Buy -- Grade C

Best Buy Black Friday sales are just average.  Again, you can purchase a PS4 Slim for $199.99.  An xBox One S NFL 18 bundle sells for $229.99 and the Nintendo Switch is selling for $299.99. The Assassin’s Creed Origin video game is selling for $34.99 which is not competitively priced.  However, you may want to check on the Call of Duty WWII Video game. On Friday, November 24, 2017 only, you can purchase this game for only $39.99.  This price is worthy of a Black Friday sale but you have to wait until Black Friday. Best Buy Black Friday sales start Thursday, November 23, 2017 at 5:00 p.m. ET.

Steam -- Grade C+

Steam has upped its game when it comes to Black Friday sales.  Even though the sale is called Steam Autumn Sale and runs until November 28, 2017 -- this promotion  can be classified as a Black Friday sale.  Of interest is GTA V video game selling for $30.00.  Of the retailers graded in this Black Friday sale, Steam comes in first in pricing of the video game Evil Within 2 -- which  is selling for only $30.00.  Other sales of interest are Middle Earth Shadow of War selling for $36.00, and Rocket League going for only $10.00.

Amazon -- Grade C

Amazon Black Friday sales may be confusing at first in that there are sales going on all during the month of November.  Also, some of the deals have time limits.  For example, Just Dance 2018 for the PS4 is $29.99, regular price $59.99. When I was online, this sale ended within 7 minutes. Interesting enough, the digital download price remained stable at $59.99. Another  timed sale was the Jackbox Party Pack which is on sale for $15.82 -- regular price $29.93.  A PS4 Playlink game I was interested in -- Hidden Agenda is on sale for $14.99 -- regular price $19.99.   Overwatch is on sale for $29.99, regular price $59.99. The digital download is also on sale for $29.99. A piece of tech that caught my eye was a set of K-World earphones that was only $27.99 down from a regular price of $116.99. Now this is what I would call a good Black Friday sale's discount.

GameStop -- Grade B-

GameStop gets sort of a high grade mainly because the physical stores are opening earlier than both Toys R Us, Best Buy, Target and Walmart for their Black Friday sales.  In-store  Black Friday sales for GameStop starts 4:00 p.m. on Thursday, November 23, 2017 and runs until Sunday, November 26, 2017.  A big draw for you to go to GameStop even if it may not be your favorite place to shop for video games is that if you buy the PS4 Slim 1TB for $199.99, you will get a free $50.00 gift card.   Other sales include Evil Within 2 for $25.00 and FIFA 18 is on sale  for $27.00.  Destiny 2 which has a regular price of $59.99 is on sale for $27.00.  GTA V is on sale for $30.00 and Skyrim is on sale for $20.00. Tekken 7 for the Xbox one is $25.00 and the Last of Us is only $10.00. Also if you are an an Xbox 360 fan, you can possibly get a free Xbox 360 for $0.00 by paying $59.99 and then requesting a rebate for the same amount. Just remember to send in the rebate!

By the way, if you want to buy items at GameStop other than video games, all of their t-shirts will be selling for $10.00.  I will be picking up the Victory Call of Duty T-Shirt  that I spotted a few weeks ago which will be on sale.  If you are not accustomed to shopping GameStop for Black Friday sales, I suggest you give it a try. If you are wondering, GameStop is the store who moved up a notch grade-wise this year.

capture 861 orig

Microsoft -- Xbox One Grade B-

There seemed to be a gazillion or more Black Friday sales on not only the PS4 but also the Xbox One.  However, one must be careful to scrutinize which games are really on sale, and which are  being pushed to be sold during Black Friday. I graded Microsoft Black Friday sales a tad lower than Sony’s mainly because of the seemingly deceptive advertisement.  A large ad states  that there is an exclusive Black Friday sales offer where you can get an Xbox One Game Pass for Only $1.00 that will allow you to play more than 100 games.  However, if you read the fine print, you will find out that instead of paying a one -time $1.00 fee, you actually sign up for a subscription to pay a certain amount of money each month . Also, regarding Black Friday sale prices, you have to be a Gold member to get the sale prices of some of the video games.   For example, If you are a gold member, you can get Deus Ex Digital Deluxe for only $13.50 -- regular price $89.99; Dishonored for $15.00 -- regular price $29.99 and Dragon Age Inquisition for only 10.00 -- regular price $39.99.

Other sales include Need for Speed Payback, Deluxe Edition selling for $47.99, regular price $79.99; The Evil Within 2, selling for $30.00, regular price $59.99; NBA 2K 18 on sale for $41.99, regular price $59.99; Assassins Creed Origin on sale for $48.99, regular price $69.99 and Battlefield 1, Premium Pass Bundle on sale for $15.00, regular price $49.99.

Sony PS4 -- Grade B

Sony has quite a few digital bundles on sale -- including the Call of Duty Digital Deluxe Bundle for $89.99, a savings of $10.00; Digital Deluxe Bundle for Destiny 2 selling for $74.99 that has a regular price of $99.99.  Other Black Friday deals are FiFA 18 for $35.99, regular price $59.99; Middle Earth: Shadow of War Bundle, $69.99, regular price $99.99 and Just Dance 2018, seling for $40.19 -- regular price $59.99.  An especially good deal is Rise of the Tomb Raider which has a regular price of $59.99 which  is on sale for only $19.79. Of course, this game has been out for a while.

Other Black Friday sales are Battlefield 1, Revolution Pass selling for $14.99, regular price $49.99; Need for Speed Payback for $35.99 regular price $59.99 and Assassin’s Creed Origin for the PS4 on sale for $41.99, down from $59.99. Also Overwatch is selling for $29.99 down from $59.99.

Target -- Grade B+

Target seems to be patterning themselves after Walmart by offering a range  of video games within certain low price points.  Unfortunately, their prices are not as competitive as the leader. The PS4 Slim 1TB with wireless controller is selling for $199.99.  Call of Duty WWII is on sale for $45.99, a savings of $14.99.  Just Dance 2018 is selling for $25.00.  Target also has a list of games selling for $15.00 including Skyrim, Forza Horizon and others.   The Evil Within 2 video game is selling or $29.90

AND THE WINNER IS….drum..roll>>>>>>>>

Walmart -- Grade A

The retail giant, Walmart gets a high score mainly because of the wide array of video games that are on sale in different price slots.  For example, Walmart has a slew of games in the $29.00, $19.00, $12.00 and even $9.00 categories. Unlike some of the sales where retailers may be trying to get rid of some of their slow selling video games, Walmart seems to be on the up and up since most of the video games on sale are the more popular video games, vice some you may not have heard of.

For example, Walmart offers the lowest price of the recently released Call of Duty WWII for only $43.00 in-store  beginning Thursday, November 23, 2017 and all day online.  Best Buy beats this price by a few dollars but you must shop on Friday only as mentioned above to get the sale price of $39.99.  Other sales include Need for Speed Payback, WWE and GTA V in the $29.00 category.  Additional games are Assassin’s Creed Origins, Battlefield 1 Revolution, FIFA 18 and Forza MotorSport 7 selling for $29.00.

Black Friday Sales Tips

As a reminder, when you shop Black Friday sales,  always make sure the sale is genuine and hopefully you are getting the lower priced deal. Also, due to the anticipated crowds at some of the Black Friday sales if you shop in-stores, be cautious and vigilant -- remember Safety First!

Justice League Movie Review by Ms. H

Disclaimer:  The views expressed for Justice League movie review is Ms. H’s only, and do not represent those of There are spoilers in this Justice League movie review.

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman in the Justice League Movie

Wonder Woman had numerous appearances in the Justice League movie.  In fact,  the director used her appearance in just about every movie scene.  It was an intelligent decision to have Wonder Woman display her talents in the Justice League movie, even if sometimes all she did was pose on a gold statue. Hats off to Gal Gadot on her performance; however, unfortunately featuring Wonder Woman a lot was not enough to save the Justice League movie.  To Wonder Woman's credit, all of her roles in the Justice League movie were performed almost to perfection, so she is not to blame for the Justice League failure as a superhero movie. justice league 2 warner brosAs you watch the Justice League movie, you may think the movie is a mini-Wonder Woman movie.  You get to see Wonder Woman doing some of her exciting movie stunts just as she did in her record breaking movie -- Wonder Woman. Of course, some of the stunts could have been done by stunt performers.   During one fight in the movie, you will even hear the familiar music ensemble play when Wonder Woman breaks into her action scenes.  Subconsciously, you may find yourself looking forward to seeing Gal Gadot appear as Wonder Woman throughout the movie.

In the movie Justice League, Wonder Woman was Batman’s right hand “woman” so to speak.   As mentioned previously in my Justice League movie review, she appeared in just about every movie  scene. Even her mother Hippolyta played by Connie Nielson had an impressive part.  Her mother’s fighting style was stellar; however,  it is far-fetched that she could send a flaming arrow from her island location in the sky to get the attention of her daughter, Wonder Woman  -- who is now on earth.  Just as the other characters, you will sometimes see Wonder Woman without her Wonder Woman outfit on. However, even though Wonder Woman was not wearing her costume in some of the scenes, she still exuded independence and power in Justice League by her presence. I must add the negative of the writer/director adding in the movie an island of males called Atlanteans which to me had no basis in this movie.justice league wonder woman batman 1033213 640x320

Ben Affleck as Batman in the Justice League Movie

It is obvious  the leader of this alliance is Batman with Wonder Wonder second in command.  The problem with Ben Affleck is sometimes he talked in a deep voice, and in others he talked normal.  The director should have determined which voice Ben Affleck should use to add some sort of voice consistency in the movie. That being said, the writer gave him a line that was an insult to Wonder Wonder when Ben Affleck as Batman asked her if her boyfriend Steve Trevor told her to say a certain sentence.   Later on in the movie he sort of apologized for saying what he did; however, the damage had already been done.  Words can sometimes hurt, and it was plain to see that Wonder Woman did not take too kindly to his words -- especially when she was doing more than equal her part to fight the seemingly indestructible enemy. Who knows?  Maybe the Justice League movie would have fared better if Wonder Woman was the leader.  By the way, later in the movie, Batman insulted Aquaman because he used a pitchfork. Ben Affleck as Batman in the Justice League movie was given the leadership role, and he played his part adequately, except for the slip of the tongue when talking to Wonder Woman and Aquaman.

Jason Momoa as Aquaman in Justice League

Not to throw shade on this character -- my problem with Aquaman is that he is supposedly the king of water and its inhabitants.  I was confused as to why he was flying around with the other superheroes in scenes where there was no water involved.  He had an action filled scene where he protected the team by shielding them against a huge embankment of water; however, other times he displayed super powers that did not involve water.  A major fail in Aquaman’s part in the Justice League movie that I must point out in my Justice League movie review was when he helped Wonder Woman physically pull down the enemy with her lasso.  It was actually strange to see someone holding on to Wonder Woman’s lasso with her -- like she was not strong enough to control her own lasso. The positive of having Aquaman in the Justice League movie is he is not a character you see often in superhero movies, so at least this character got some exposure.

 landscape 1490796986 justice league trailer wonder woman aquaman cyborg

Ray Fisher  as Cyborg in Justice League Movie

Apparently Cyborg got his superpowers as well as robotic form from an accident.  Initially, he is shown in the movie brooding about being different and even pretending to not be alive to others.  In the zeal of showing his super powers which apparently include reading transparent documentation between his two metal-robotic  hands, the writer/director neglected to show how people reacted in knowing that he is indeed alive. Of the superheroes, he and Aquaman were the ones I was not sure exactly what their powers were whether it was flying, having great strength, etc.

Ezra Miller as Flash in Justice League Movie

Flash was the comic relief of the movie, even though I must admit some of his jokes were sort of lame.  You probably saw the movie preview where he recognizes the Batman symbol in the sky then sheepishly acts like he didn’t see it in the first place.  I heard a few chuckles from the movie audience when he said a few lines, but for the most part he almost became annoying as you anticipate that whatever he says is supposed to be funny.  

gal gadot batman vs superman2

Henry Cavill as Superman in Justice League movie

You probably saw the preview where Superman is talking to his girlfriend Lois Lane in a corn field.  Yes, by some strange magic that had to do with special blocks and Flash’s energy bolts, Superman is brought back to life.  After he was brought back to life, you knew that in one of the action scenes you would see Superman appear.  In the previous Justice League movie, Superman was demolished by Batman; however, according to Batman, Superman is needed to help save the world. The return of Superman should have been a separate story onto itself, and should have been shown in a completely different movie.  To me, It was enough to have Wonder Woman, Batman, Cyborg and Aquaman as members on the Justice League team -- even though Aquaman probably could have been replaced with another superhero and Superman could have been left out.

In the Justice League movie, Lois Lane did not act surprised that the once deceased Superman is now alive. On the other hand, Superman’s mother did a good job of showing how she felt about having her son alive again when they met in the corn field.  A Superman scene that was one of the highlights of the movie was when he was resurrected, he didn’t know who he was, so initially he lashed out and fought his team mates before finding out they were not his enemy. That being said, I think the Justice League team would have been just fine without Superman and Aquaman.

Assessment of Justice League Movie

I was ready to rank the Justice League movie high, similar to the movies I’ve reviewed recently such as Wonder Woman and Thor: Ragnarok.  I think the Justice League movie got off to a good action start, but there were repetition in the action scenes.  In every scene, the Justice League members were fighting the same enemies.  During the first fight, I thought the enemy was destroyed but he kept returning back for fights throughout the Justice League movie -- which grew tiresome after awhile. I would give Justice League a higher rating if some of the fight scenes did not look repetitious.  I also think the intelligence of the audience was undermined when a rocket ship that was facing one direction, made a u-turn to travel in the opposite direction, I guess just because it looked like an eye-catching effect.  My question would be why wouldn't the rocket ship be placed in the right direction to begin with.  On a positive note, the fight scenes were choreographed well especially those featuring Wonder Woman, and it was interesting to see Batman use some of his gigantic machinery to fight the enemy.  

That being said, my ranking of the Justice League movie would have been higher if there were one or two “big boss” fights in the movie against the enemy instead of many; if Ben Affleck did not speak the disparaging remark about Steve Trevor to Wonder Woman; if Aquaman would stay in the water environment he is supposed to have power over; if the “funny” lines by Flash were reduced or eliminated and most importantly, if the side story of Superman coming back to life was saved for another movie instead of incorporating it in the Justice League movie.  In short -- DC movie studios should realize that sometimes less is more.

Rating of Justice League Movie

Based on a rating of 1 - 5 stars, with 5 stars being the highest, I rank the Justice League movie 3 stars.


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