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Did Disney’s Big Bucks Bring Huge Results for Maleficent? Maleficent: Mistress of Evil Movie Review by Ms. H

Disclaimer:  The views expressed here are mine alone and do not represent those of

Introduction to Maleficent: Mistress of Evil Movie Review by Ms. H

 As you know, Disney has lots of money and can more than afford to give us -- the movie audience -- a big bang for our bucks in movie entertainment value. Just how did Disney fare in Maleficent: Mistress of Evil starring Angelina Jolie, Michelle Pfeiffer and others? Check out my movie review to find out.

High Expectations for Maleficent: Mistress of Evil Movie

Personally, Disney has no excuses when it comes to providing high quality content with well-known film people. Angelina Jolie probably cost Disney a pretty penny to rehash her role as Maleficent. More than likely, they saved a bit on the computer theatrics and graphics, but to get Angelina Jolie to play this part was, I'm sure, a large part of the budget.

As I sat down at the movies to watch Maleficent: Mistress of Evil, my expectations were high -- even though the number of people in the movie theater was minimal with lots of empty seats. I reasoned that the movie has been out for awhile and maybe people have already seen it. Or were there empty seats for other low interest and excitement levels?

maleficent mistress of evil official teaser trailer angelina jolie michelle pfeiffer 1

Plot of Maleficent: Mistress of Evil

Maleficent: Mistress of Evil evolved around the idea of bringing two kingdoms together by way of marriage.  Of course there were some devious subplots that probably undermined this happening [at first], but the coming together of these two kingdoms in peace was the main focus of the movie. Couple with that the warring factions of humans against the bird-like people known as Moors--you would think this would make for an attention-grabbing movie. However and it’s unfortunate that this movie did not quite deliver on entertainment value for me. 

Little Known Fact about Maleficent: Mistress of Evil: Interesting words spoken by Angelina Jolie during the movie --  "Love doesn't always end well..."... Go figure. 

Warring Factions in Maleficent: Mistress of Evil

The source of conflict in Maleficent: Mistress of Evil was the humans did not get along with the Moors.  In fact, the Moors were forced to live underground in order to protect themselves from the humans. What was the impetus to bring them from underground to start a war?  The writer/director want you to believe it was the treacherous Queen played by Michelle Pfeiffer who caused this to happen by performing unscrupulous acts. I found this difficult to believe, even if it is a made-up story.

Lots of Characters in Maleficent: Mistress of Evil

If you watch Maleficent: Mistress of Evil, hopefully you will be able to follow the story of the characters, because there are lots of them. To make matters worse, these are characters you probably do not care much for. 

I think Disney missed an opportunity to make the Maleficent: Mistress of Evil movie a gigantic hit by introducing so many characters and not concentrating on the conflict between the Queen played by Michelle Pfeiffer and Maleficent played by Angelina Jolie.

Spoiler alert:  There is a brief altercation between the two, but it was very low-key.

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Weak Points in the Maleficent: Mistress of Evil Movie

I think the bride-to-be as well as the groom-to-be could have been stronger characters.  They both seemed timid in their roles. On the flip side, both Michelle Pfeiffer and Angelina Jolie could have been stronger in theirs.

As you watch Maleifcent: Mistress of Evil -- be prepared to see some strange transformations in the film, one of which was a surprise for me while the other was not.  This transformtion also seemed amateurish. You will know what I’m talking about if you see the movie Maleficent: Mistress of Evil.

Spoiler alert: Interesting enough, a lead male character is ultimately destroyed in the film, while, and as expected Maleficent was able to survive quite a bit of damage.

You will notice a character who may remind you of Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy. He probably could have been omitted from this film, because basically all he did was walk around without any dialogue.

Strong Points in the Maleficent: Mistress of Evil Movie

Computer-Generated Graphics (CGI) was used well and in some parts of the movie complemented the orchestra background music.

There are splashes of action in the movie including battle scenes which may keep your interest.

Maleficent: Mistress of Evil is rated PG so just about anyone can see it.

Assessment of the Maleficent: Mistress of Evil Movie

Unfortunately, the weak points outnumber the strong ones in Maleficent: Mistress of Evil.  However, you may enjoy seeing Angelina Jolie flying as Maleficent. In fact, I believe, in one of the scenes, she did a (CGI) flip in the air, before flying to her destination. 

The storyline could have emphasized more the conflict between the two lead women characters as I mentioned earlier.  Also with the deep pockets that Disney has, I think they could have come up with a block-buster, jaw-dropping movie more so than the one they released.

The above being said, you may want to check this movie out for yourself and come to your own conclusions, especially if you are a Disney fan and like these type movies.

Rating of Maleficent: Mistress of Evil Movie

Based on a rating of 1 star to 5 stars with 5 stars being the highest, I rate Maleficent: Mistress of Evil Movie 2 stars.

The Addams Family Movie Scare Factor is Nonexistent. The Addams Family Movie Review by Ms. H

Disclaimer:  The views expressed here are mine alone and do not represent those of

Introduction to The Addams Family Movie Review by Ms. H

You may be familiar with the Addams family either from television or from previous movies. This particular movie is an animated cartoon and the characters are illustrated as stick figures caricatures for the most part. I was on the fence about seeing this movie, but decided to since Halloween is right around the corner. Did I make the right decision? Check out my movie review of The Addams Family film to find out.

Plot of The Addams Family Movie

The plot of The Addams Family movie has been told many times before. It has the usual storyline of neighbors becoming upset and hostile when a family they perceive to be strange is part of the neighborhood.  The interesting thing here is that the Addams family has been living there for years, so it was sort of odd that they were singled out. To be fair, the movie does introduce a timeline at the beginning of the movie. However, the fact is they were not really new neighbors per se. 

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Cliches in The Addams Family Movie

If you are looking for an interesting, unique storyline in The Addams Family film-- this is not your movie.  In addition to the same, “strange family in the neighborhood” scenario, the writers/director also used the overworked movie situation of “mean girls” where  a bully is involved. Also, the girl who was once afraid of the character Wednesday ended up becoming her friend. Nothing new here.

Voice Actors in The Addams Family Movie

For the most part, the voice acting was adequate for the movie. I did not recognize any actors' voices, however, the Wednesday character’s voice actor sounded like the little girl from the Toy Story movie. Other than that, there were no noteworthy voice actors in The Addams Family movie.

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Visual Effects in The Addams Family Movie

Since The Addams Family movie is an animated film, one would think the sky would be the limit when it came to imagination and creativity used in the movie. This was not the case. There was an interesting scene where  Morticia used her dress as sort of a bridge; however, creativity was not used to the fullest extent.

Little Known fact about The Addams Family Movie: During the movie, Morticia did not do one of her usual chores she did during other movies and tv shows -- trim the flowers.

Rating and Length of The Addams Family Movie

The good news is that this movie is rated PG so just about anyone can see it. There was nothing inappropriate to listen to or watch in this movie and it kept within the bounds of its rating. An additional bonus is just when you are getting comfortable watching the movie -- it is over. In other words, this movie is relatively short, so if you do decide to see The Addams Family movie -- it will not take up much of your time.

Assessment of The Addams Family Movie

Due to the many un-esthetic characters and mundane parts in The Addams Family movie, I am unable to give this movie a  high rating. My biggest complaints about this film are the type illustrations used for this movie and the predictable, hackneyed storyline.

Regarding the scare factor --  You would think that since the movie was released close to Halloween, they could have made the movie scarier. Scary is not the adjective I would use to describe this film. The Addams Family was just that.. a family movie -- nothing more. Hopefully, if this movie is released again as a cartoon, more thought will go into the visual depiction of the animated characters as well as the storyline, 

Rating of The Addams Family Movie

Based on a rating of 1 star to 5 stars with 5 stars being the highest, I rate The Addams Family movie 2 ¾ stars.  


Cloning Returns in Will Smith’s Gemini Man...Did It Work? Gemini Man Movie Review by Ms. H

  The views expressed here are mine alone and do not represent those of

Introduction to Gemini Man Movie Review by Ms. H

A while back “clone” was the buzzword, even though recently it has not been in the spotlight as much.  Enter Gemini Man, a Will Smith movie that not only reintroduced the concept of cloning but in my purview, took it to another level.  Did it work for the movie Gemini Man? Check out my movie review of Gemini Man to find out.

gemini man benedict wong will smith 1568883874

Plot of Gemini Man Movie

If you watched the trailer for the Gemini Man movie, you probably know there are at least two Will Smith characters in it --  one current -- and one from his younger days. Will Smith plays the older character, Henry Brogan and voice acted the younger character, Jackson Brogan also known as Junior.  

You may be surprised that the movie itself does not center primarily around having these “two Will Smith’s” as a plot per se, but is centered around his job as well as the likelihood or non-likelihood of his retirement.  Also squeezed into the movie equation is a female “friendship” interest person which I will allude to later in my movie review.

Pros of Gemini Man Movie

Action in Gemini Man Movie

There is a fair amount of action in the Gemini Man movie, especially the scenes with the young Will Smith’s character battling the older one.  You may have to be patient when the movie first starts before the action kicks in; however, the non-action parts set the stage for the movie plot.

Will Smith as Lead Actor in Gemini Man Movie 

Will Smith appears in just about every frame of the movie Gemini Man. So if you are a fan of Will Smith, you will see him numerous times throughout the film.  I think this is a plus for the movie, because for the most part, Will Smith appears to be a popular star not only in films but in social media including YouTube as well.

Setting of Gemini Man Movie

I liked the fact that the movie veered from being basically a land based-film, to one where boating and the ocean were involved.  This was a nice change, even though of course, the movie scenes returned to land depending on what was going on in the film.

Spoiler Alert: Friendly Banter at the End of the Gemini Man Movie

You may enjoy listening to the conversation between the young and the older Will Smith’s characters just before the credits rolled at the end of the movie.  The flow of the dialogue was realistic and appeared not to be scripted, even though more than likely, of course it was.

Little Known Fact about the Gemini Man Movie:  Will Smith stated during a talk show interview that  Gemini Man is the first movie to use a 100% digital character (young Will Smith’s character) alongside an actor.

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Cons of Gemini Man Movie

Repetitive Fight Scenes in Gemini Man Movie

In my opinion, some of the fight moves seemed repetitive in motion.  I especially noticed this was happening with the younger Will Smith’s character, where he seemed to repeat quite a bit of his fight moves including flps, etc.  

Random Female Characters in Gemini Man Movie

To me, it was confusing as to why the female character, Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Dani Zakarweski was placed in the movie.  Her role seemed ambiguous -- as a friend, a co-conspirator, etc.  Unfortunately, I felt she was placed in the movie just to have a female presence alongside Will Smith’s character.  

The other female character’s role (Linda Emond as Janet Lassiter) was clear; however, it is unexplained how she is non-existent in the latter part of the movie -- especially if she was supposedly running this operation.

Lots of “Sleeper Parts” in Gemini Man Movie

There are many slow moments in the Gemini Man movie that in my opinion dragged the film along and did not advance the storyline.  I will admit that I dozed off briefly during some of the slow parts and was able to determine what I missed when I awoke and felt caught up to the movie --  which indicates the movie could have eliminated some of these parts.


Assessment of Gemini Man Movie

Gemini Man is a solid 3 star movie; however, I  added a “¾” star mainly because I think it is admirable that Will Smith carried this film from start to finish. Even though his acting skills are not up to par  with Denzel Washington and some others, I think it says a lot about an actor who can effortlessly move from doing a Netflix movie and return back to the movie screen in a big way.

In response to the question if cloning worked for the Gemini Man movie,  my answer would be a resounding “Yes.”

Rating of Gemini Man

Based on a rating of 1 star to 5 stars with 5 stars being the highest, I rate Gemini Man 3 ¾ stars.

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