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Captain Marvel Movie Review by Ms. H

Disclaimer:  The views expressed here are mine alone and do not reflect those of

Introduction to Captain Marvel Movie Review by Ms. H

I would like to start off my movie review with a question to Disney.  My question is...Really? With the millions of dollars that your mega company has  -- you could not come up with quality talent to bring to life Captain Marvel in a more entertaining light?  

Instead of using money to fly planes in CA to announce the movie’s opening, Disney should have spent the money on the content itself. But I’m getting ahead of myself. It’s been a few days since I watched the Captain Marvel movie, and instead of my take on the movie becoming more positive -- it’s heading in the opposite direction.  So before my opinion of this movie goes any lower -- herewith is my movie review of what some may say is the long “anticipated” release of the Captain Marvel movie. It's unfortunate the hype as illustrated by the picture below did not match the actual movie.

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Who is Captain Marvel?

DId you know that Captain Marvel is known by the name Captain Marvelle in the comic books.  If you watch the movie, you will find that the actor who plays Captain Marvel alluded to this name during the movie. Personally, I have no problem with the movie having the Captain Marvel title -- But first, let’s start with some positives.

Pros of the Captain Marvel Movie

Stan Lee’s Cameo in the Captain Marvel Movie

Of the miniscule highlights in the Captain Marvel movie, one was the cameo appearance of the late Stan Lee. Additionally, the movie is prefaced with a “Thank you Stan” message which I thought was admirable. I also liked the creatively used in showing the Marvel marquee with images of Stan Lee in the graphics.

Female as a “Lead” Character in Marvel’s Superhero Movie - Captain Marvel

I applaud Disney for releasing a comic book movie starring a female.  As you may know, most of the heroes are male when comic books transition to the big screen.  So again, I give credit to those responsible for bringing a female superhero character to the spotlight in the Captain Marvel movie.

Diversity in the Captain Marvel Movie

I think the Captain Marvel movie showed a fair amount of diversity in casting its characters, which is always a plus.  This shows that the writers/directors do not live in a bubble and ensured the film depicted the real world.

Cons of the Captain Marvel Movie

Ambiguous Storyline of the Captain Marvel Movie

In my opinion, the Captain Marvel movie merely showed a sequence of events that happened, rather than a well put-together storyline.  After seeing the movie, a concrete plot to the Captain Marvel movie is fleeting to me -- and I can only offer my guesses. Maybe the plot involved discovering how Captain Marvel received her powers.

However, there are many subplots.  For example, when she is captured by aliens, her memories are researched in order to locate a pilot that she was associated with -- before she got in a  plane crash.

Or maybe the plot evolved around the character Fury and his association with Captain Marvel especially when they are working together to identify the aliens who have the power to morph into human beings.

There may be more so feel free to take your pick. As for me, all I saw from this movie was a mumble jumble of actions with the highlights being Captain Marvel pointing her fist at a target which left a fiery (probably Computer-Generated Image (CGI)) mark.

Captain MarvelCaptain Marvel

Captain Marvel’s Appearance as a Superhero in the Movie

In the fantasy world of comic books, the artists have the power to create an image any way they want.  In my opinion, Captain Marvel’s outfit even if it was true to the comic book was not aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Instead, she appeared to look like a teletubbie or a suited up race car driver instead of a Marvel superhero.

Captain Marvel Hidden Among the other Characters in the Movie

Due to the unclear storyline, i think it was difficult for the writers to make sure Captain Marvel stood out from the other characters.  She was conveniently pushed to the outskirts of the action until about the end of the movie when all of a sudden she had the power to fly out in space.  The CGI department went all out on this segment which to me it looked like a cartoon animation especially when you saw a trail of light as she flew out into space -- for what -- I do not know.  Unless it was to continue to fight aliens on another planet  -- but that is just my guess..

Assessment of the Captain Marvel Movie

You may decide to see the Captain Marvel movie out of curiosity, and who knows, you may even like it.  As for me, seeing the Captain Marvel movie once was more than enough for me.

Rating of the Captain Marvel Movie

Based on a rating of 1 star to 5 stars with 5 stars being the highest, I rate the Captain Marvel movie two (2) stars.

Greta Movie Review by Ms. H

Disclaimer:  The views expressed here are mine alone and do not represent those of

Introduction to Greta Movie Review by Ms. H

To be clear, Greta is not a biography of the movie star from the golden age of Hollywood -- Greta Garbo, even though the same first name is used.  Instead, Greta is the name of a psychological thriller, based on a novel by Ray Wright that is centered around the main character, Greta Hibig. Was this movie a sleeper or one that I recommend you see in the movie theaters?  Check out my movie review of Greta to find out.

Trailer for the Greta Movie

If you saw the trailer for the Greta movie, you may already know that it is about a woman who leaves her purse on a bus or subway in the hopes that a stranger would find her address and return it to her.  I saw the trailer and could tell right away that something odd was going on when the good samaritan waitress who returned the purse opened a cabinet in the woman's home and found numerous purses in the same style hidden in a cabinet  -- with telephone numbers taped to the back of each.

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Creativity in the Greta Movie

I think this movie was creatively written by revealing slowly exactly what was happening with Greta and her victims.  Spoiler Alert:  For example when the good samaritan returns the purse and they began a conversation, you could hear thumping in an upstairs room in the house.  Greta quieted the person down who was supposedly making this sound; however, as the movie progresses, you find out exactly the circumstances behind the noise.

Spoiler Alert: Another creative scene was when the audience was led to believe that the victim was not captured  -- but was safely back in her apartment -- which was not the case. There was one other scene; however, I will not divulge it just in case you choose to watch the Greta movie.

A Way Out for the Victim in the Greta Movie

As the movie goes on and you realize that the victim has been drugged, you may wonder why she did not try to escape, especially since at  the beginning of her capture she was not tied up. Just when I thought about this, the victim did try to escape but found there was no way out from Greta -- at that particular time, I might add.

Look Alikes in the Greta Movie

When the movie ended, I was surprised the main character was not Helen Mirren but an actor by the name of Isabelle Huppert.  Also the victim who befriended Greta is not Vanessa Hudgens but the actor Chloe Grace Cortez.

Check out the resemblances here.

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beauty secrets

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Jump Scares and Misses in the Greta Movie

This movie did not have a lot of jump scares -- which was a plus for me.  Instead there were some twists and turns in the movie -- some which you may or may not expect.

There were some misses in the movie as well.  Spoiler Alert:  For example, at the end of the movie, you would expect the daughter to be reunited with her worried father -- which was not shown.  Also there was no explanation why Greta did not reuse the same purse to leave on the bus or subway, instead of using a different purse each time to try to lure her victims.  Also the overall premise of the movie had a sad tone.

Assessment of the Greta Movie

However, even though there were some shortcomings of the film, this movie may keep you on the edge of your seat as it did me. I found the Greta movie to be suspenseful, not overly predictable and the story was told in a way that I think kept the audience’s interest. If you are not prone to having nightmares from seeing these type movies, including seeing someone in a falling elevator, or an extremely closed in area, etc. -- you may want to check this movie out.

Rating of the Greta Movie

Based on a rating of 1 star to 5 stars with 5 stars being the highest, I rate the Greta Movie 5 stars.


Furie Movie Review by Ms. H

Disclaimer:  The views expressed here are mine alone and do not represent those of

Introduction to Furie Movie Review by Ms. H

Furie is a Vietnamese movie that has a limited release in theatres so you may or may not be able to watch it until it goes to DVD or streaming services.  Is it worth your time to see the Furie movie? Check out my movie review to find out.

Plot of the Furie Movie

Furie is a kidnapping movie with actions centered around the intent to inflict drastic harm on the victims.  If you watch the trailer, you will see the mother searching for her child who has been kidnapped while she was bartering at an outdoor market. Philosophically, the Furie movie illustrates determination and resilience on the part of the mother to rescue her daughter. Regardless of your take on the plot, I think you will admire the tenacity and drive the mother exhibited in saving her child.

Subtitles in the Furie Movie

As expected, the Furie movie has subtitles in English while the actors spoke Vietnamese. Even if you are not too keen on movies with subtitles, due to the artistry used in filming the scenes, eventually you may not notice the words at the bottom of the screen. You may view the subtitles as a way to keep up with the actions and scenarios in the Furie movie. The good news is that after watching the Furie movie, you may come away wanting to see more of these type movies regardless of the subtitles.

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Veronica Ngo as the Main Character in the Furie Movie

I’ve seen many kidnapping type movies before such as  Kidnap and  Breaking In, et. al.  This movie stands out on its own, mainly because I think the film got its message across to the audience.  Additionally, you may enjoy the fighting choreography where everyone moves so fast, you may wonder if there were any mishaps.

The stand out character was of course, Veronica Ngo who plays  the part of the mother searching for her kidnapped daughter. I would like to give kudos to the other actors as well who made it possible for Veronica Ngo’s fighting karate-type actions to shine.

You will probably have an opinion as to which fight scene is your favorite; however, I would like to suggest you pay attention to Vernoca Ngo’s character's second battle against her enemy who appeared to be the head of the criminal gang.

Misses in the Furie Movie

There were a few misses in the Furie movie. Spoiler alerts: For example, there is a scene in the movie where in one moment she is soaked from fighting in the river, and in the next scene she’s walking around in the same clothing which is now magically dry. Also you may question how she was rescued from the bottom of the river, shackled and handcuffed when it was unlikely that anyone knew where she was.

Another minor miss was the delay in showing how she obtained her fighting skills which was finally shown during one of her flashbacks.  I think if this portion was at the beginning of the movie, the audience could follow the story more closely without wondering how Veronica Ngo as Hai Phuong acquired her fighting skills in the first place.

To add to these misses, when her daughter was on the boat with her captors, for some reason she did not try to escape by jumping off the boat -- especially when it was near the shore.

Assessment of the Furie Movie

The above being said, the movie Furie impressed me not only because of the artistry of the choreographed fight scenes, but also I think it gave positive messages that include among other things for one to be strong, move forward and most importantly, never give up regardless of obstacles.  

Additionally, I think you will find this movie will keep your attention because of the riveting action scenes as well as the storyline itself.  To respond to the question posed earlier, I think it would be worth your time to see the movie Furie if you are able to do so.

Rating of the Furie Movie

Based on a rating of 1 star to 5 stars with 5 stars being the highest, I rate the Furie movie  5 stars.


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