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Halloween Movie Review by Ms. H

Disclaimer:  The views expressed here are mine alone and do not represent those of

Introduction to the Halloween Movie Review by Ms. H

Since Halloween is only a few days away, I thought it would be a good time to see the Halloween movie starring Jamie Lee Curtis at the movie theater.  A positive about the movie is it was released in time to be seen before Halloween which is October 31, 2018. However, the question is whether or not it was worth my time [or maybe yours] to see it.

Storyline of the Halloween Movie

The Halloween movie is promoted as being the sequel to the original Halloween film that was released back in 1978.  Jamie Lee Curtis returns; however, this time she is taking revenge on what Michael Myers -- the masked, untalking man -- did forty years ago.  

There is no need to try to follow the storyline if you watch the Halloween movie.  In fact, the actual movie seems to start three-quarters into the film-- with the other scenes serving as just fluff.The Halloween movie itself seemed to be a series of scenes that were put together to come up with a movie with some gruesome shots thrown in here and there.  In other words, there is no cohesiveness about the storyline.

There are also some loose ends in the Halloween movie which I will not divulge as to not spoil the movie. However, one question I have is when the child ran out of the house -- why didn’t he let his parents or someone else know what was going on or call for help. He just seemed to disappear from the movie, and no -- he was not a victim of Michael Myers.

Halloween trailer screenshot 5

Actors in the Halloween Movie

There were a few actors who could use some acting lessons -- mainly some of the teen characters in the movie as well as a detective who wore a cowboy hat.  Their acting skills -- or lack thereof -- made Halloween look more like a B movie or a movie made for television. On a positive note, there is an actor who played the child being babysat who was the highlight of the movie.  Sans his use of profane language, some of his script was rather humorous.

Prolonged Ending to the Halloween Movie

Since the timeline of the movie is current day 2018, it was surprising to me that no one used their cell phone to send an alert that they needed help when Michael Myers' appearance is eminent. Of course, the movie would have ended a lot sooner if they had simply left the house, contacted the authorities and let them handle Michael Myers.

Instead, it looked like the movie went to great lengths to show how Jamie Lee Curtis’ character had taken time to set traps around her house including a rather large one complete with welder light flares, etc. with the intent to capture and destroy Michael Myers.  

Cliches in the Halloween Movie -- Like Most Horror Movies

Toward the end of the movie, there is an unexpected happening or reveal; however, the Halloween movie seemed to follow the formula for “scary” horror movies.  The horror playbook calls for a girl to be running alone in the forest and hopefully she does not trip or fall. Additionally, throw in some teenagers. Have most of the action take place at night -- even though some of the hashing/slashing happened in the daylight hours. Let the protagonist be seemingly indestructible, especially after being destroyed numerous times. Make sure the characters say some profane words -- even little children -- which I disapprove of. Last but not least -- have the movie end in such a way that even with all the destruction that is seen with Michael Myers in its midst --there is a possibility that he will return.

Assessment of the Halloween Movie

I think the art-makeup department of the Halloween movie should be recognized for the gruesome shots in the film. That being said, I’ve seen movies where the images were so grotesque, I had to turn my head away from the screen -- which I did not have to do in this movie.

To put it simply, the Halloween movie  was not scary, suspenseful or entertaining.  If you want to see some destroyed characters and an unscary Michael Myers wearing his mask -- you may want to see the Halloween movie.  However, if you want to see a highly suspenseful, really scary movie -- then I recommend you skip Halloween in the movie theaters and watch some other movie.  If you must see this movie out of curiosity, etc, then I recommend you save your money and watch it when it goes to the streaming services or to DVD.

Rating of the Halloween Movie

Based on a rating of 1 star to 5 stars with 5 stars being the highest, I rate the Halloween movie 1 ½ stars.

Colette Movie Review by Ms. H

Disclaimer:  The views expressed here are mine alone and do not represent those of

Introduction to the Colette Movie Review by Ms. H

The Colette movie is a limited release film that is showing in select movie theaters.  The good news is that you may be able to use your MoviePass to see it -- since it worked for me.  The bad news is the movie may not be playing at the movie theater you usually frequent. In my case, I went to a movie that was a little out of my way to see it.  That being said, if you do not mind time-period movies, I think the Colette movie may be worth your time.

Synopsis of the Colette Movie

As I alluded to previously, Colette is a time period movie, set in the latter part of the 19th and the early part of the 20th centuries. I reviewed the synopsis of the Colette movie before venturing out to see it. The main point of the movie involved an attempt by Colette to rightfully claim ownership to literary works that were her own -- but seemed to have been taken over by her husband, played by Dominic West.  In other words, he was taking credit for books that she had written, namely a popular novel titled Claudine. However, if you watch the Colette movie, you will find that there are other scenarios in this movie that involve not only Colette and her husband, but other people as well.

Even though there is sparse profanity in this movie, Colette is rated R due to adult content and should not be seen by anyone under the age of 17 -- unless accompanied by parents or legal guardians.

Setting the Stage for the Storyline of the Colette Movie

I think the director did an adequate job of letting the audience know from the start about the relationship status between Colette and her husband -- without any sugar coating.  As the events in the movie unfurl, you are kept in suspense as to how the many indiscretions on both the husband’s and wife’s part will impact or even destroy their relationship.

colette 700x292

Predictability of the Colette Movie

I knew from the start that Keira Knightley's character would not retain her hair as it was -- even though I had not seen the movie previews. And true to form, she did eventually cut her hair. On the other hand,  there are some actions in the movie that are not so predictable. You will find out what I’m referring to if you see the Colette movie.

Kiera Knightley's Oscar Worthy Moment in the Colette Movie

Spoiler Alert: During the movie, there is a revelation that due to financial problems, the husband sold all the rights to the popular book Claudine, that was really written by Colette.  Interesting enough, the rights were sold without Colette’s knowledge. Kiera Knightley, who plays the part of Colette, has an oscar-worthy moment when she confronts her husband after realizing that she had been deceived.  

If you see the movie Colette, take note of Kiera Knightley facial expressions as well as words during this scene. You as an audience member already know the husband has sold the rights to the book, Claudine -- however, Colette was left in the dark.  The Colette movie is not up for an Oscar -- but I think if there was an award given to an actress for the most realistic look of betrayal in a movie -- Kiera Knightley would clearly win it  with this scene.  She is noticeable upset when she realizes what her husband had done with her book and does not hold back how she felt.  For me, this was one of the biggest highlights of the movie.

0 Keira Knightley

Assessment of the Colette Movie

In my opinion, Keira Knightley did an excellent job of portraying the writer Colette. As a side note, I want to add that I was impressed by Keira Knightley's accent -- which I found out was natural. The countryside environment was also aesthetic along with the screenshots of Keira Knightley dipping the fountain pen into a jar of ink before she wrote -- as was done during this period of time.  However, there was one particular scene in the movie that could have been left off -- but other than that --I think the movie was worth my time and may be worth yours also.  

Overall, the Colette movie was told with just the right amount of detail; however, towards the end, I think it lost a little of its 19th century period feeling when Colette branches out and began performing in musicals. For instance, during one of the rehearsals, she wore what looked like current day leggings. Other than that, the movie stayed true to the time period.

As you may know, the Colette movie is based on a true story, with probably some embellishments for dramatic  purposes. If you watch the movie Colette, I recommend you stay back to read the messages on the movie screen that divulge what happens to Colette as well as her husband after the story in the movie ends.

Rating of the Colette Movie

Based on a rating of 1 star to 5 stars, with 5 stars being the highest, I rate the Colette movie 4 stars.


First Man Movie Review by Ms. H

Disclaimer:  The views expressed here are mine alone and do not represent those of

Introduction to the First Man Movie Review by Ms. H

Right off the bat I’m going to discuss the controversy regarding the American flag and the First Man movie. As you may know, there were complaints about the American flag not being planted on the moon.  Just to clarify, the flag does appear on the moon in the First Man movie; however, the argument is the scene does not show the flag actually being planted on the moon by astronaut Neil Armstrong.

My opinion is since the First Man movie is being depicted as a true biopic story, then of course the movie should show a scene where the U.S. flag is being planted on the moon. That being said, I was glad the movie stayed true to form by sharing with the audience some of Neil Armstrong’s famous words such as -- “The eagle has wings; The eagle has landed and of course one of his most famous quotes, “That’s one small step for man, one great leap for mankind.”

Storyline of the First Man Movie

It is probably apparent from the title that this movie is about Neil Armstrong and his historic walk on the moon.  The storyline was easy to follow and to me, it was interesting to learn about some of the challenges and problems that occurred before his walk on the moon.  


Acting Skills Displayed in the First Man Movie

I think Ryan Gosling did an adequate job playing the part of Neil Armstrong -- even though I believe he may be typecast in movies that show extreme closeups -- similar to one of the first movies he starred in -- The Driver. At first, I was going to criticize how Claire Foy played the part of Neil Armstrong’s wife. However, after doing some research on Neil Armstrong’s life, including his marriages, I believe she did an adequate job of playing his wife in this movie.

Cinematography of the First Man Movie

Prior to seeing the movie First Man, I found out Ryan Gosling’s reason for the flag planting did not appear in the movie; however,  I have issues with his explanation.  His reason was something to the effect that other countries were involved in making the walk on the moon possible. As I alluded to earlier, I believe the movie should have show the flag planted on the moon -- since this is what actually happened in real life.

I also found out the director was attempting to shoot the movie in such a way that the audience would feel as if they actually experienced space travels -- along with the astronauts.  I think he succeeded in doing this; however, I would caution him not to use too many movie frames showing jerky camera shots which at first may give you a sense of how erratic and traumatic it was to travel in space -- but after awhile, these motions became boring and repetitious.

If you see this movie, I think you will agree one of the highlights of the First Man movie is when the surface of the moon is actually shown from the viewpoint of Neil Armstrong. For dramatic effect, the moon’s surface is shown in a single frame with a backdrop of the dark sky.  I especially enjoyed seeing the earth as shown from the moon.  By the way, I watched the First Man movie at an RPX movie theatre complete with a huge screen, so the vision of the moon's surface to me was even more impressive.

Assessment of the First Man Movie

I watched the First Man movie, among other reasons, to find out if there was information that may have been shielded that is now out in the open.  Personally, I think the movie did an adequate job of showcasing that this mission was not a bed of roses and there were some problems that were met and ultimately solved along the way. I applaud the movie for staying for the most part true to what actually happened during this period of time (notwithstanding the flag not being planted) -- as well as recognizing the U.S. for putting a man on the moon.  

On the other hand, I was not aware of some of the negativity from the people during this particular time regarding the mission. I especially did not like one of the songs that was played when people were protesting the money being spent on space travel.   

Spoiler alert:  Regarding the ending, I think it would have been a high point of the movie if the First Man movie concluded with his children running out to meet him after his successful space flight -- of course -- after his quarantine was over. This would have balanced out the scene where he explained to his children how he was traveling to the moon as well the probability of him returning.   

Rating of the First Man Movie

Based on a rating of 1 star to 5 stars, with 5 stars being the highest, I rate the First Man movie 5 stars.

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