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Gift Guide Time! OhCatrina, MisfitsTamara & SarahTheRebel talk Capcom Cup, PlayStation Experience, the new Guardians of the Galaxy 2 trailer and our picks for geeky gifts!

Chick Picks:
- Go follow
- The Walker Papers series - first book called Urban Shaman by C.E. Murphy - half Native American/Irish female protagonist
- Please support Standing Rock

General Tips:
- ThinkGeek for nerdy home goods
- Video game official stores (BioWare, Capcom, 2K etc)
- Loot Crate for mystery subscriptions
- Game bundles
- Amazon
- Homemade
- Etsy

Catrina's Picks:
- In-game gifts
- DC’s Young Animal Comics (Mother Panic, Shade the Changing Girl)
- Netflix Subscription! With recommendations
- Phone photography add-ons (lenses, etc)
- Going fancy? Musterbrand’s Rogue One jackets

Sarah's Picks:
- Start them off on a comic series: Saga Volume 1, WicDiv or Rat Queens!
- Bluray: Star Trek Beyond or Captain America: Civil War
- ThinkGeek Portal Aperture Sports Bra and work out shorts
- Geeky Holiday Sweater (examples:
- Elhoffer Design now has gift cards!

Tamara's Picks:
- DC Comics Converse
- Wonder Woman tiara ring
- TNG Uniform Hoodie -
- Spider-Gwen purse by Bioworld
- Fancy Dice sets

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