Episode 182 - TGE Plays Pathfinder - Ep 7 The Haunted Murk

Greetings and salutations, fellow adventurers!

Our band of merry role players continues their journey after taking out a small band of goblins in our last episode. After a successful fight full of magic fireballs and dopey goblins attacks, we rescue the half elf commander, Vanya Brightmoor. She joins the group with little reservation after we risk our lives to save and free her. In many ways, this fight brings our heroes together and proves their worth as a team.

Sevarka (Dante) impresses us all with her amazing fireball of doom. Hargath (Mark) impresses us with his spells and healing power and taking the time to make sure Freya recovered completely from her wound. Neraden (Regina) cleaves her way into the hearts and heads of the enemy. It was a great episode.

Onward Towards…

In episode seven, we continue toward the relic that set us on this road. [...]

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