Episode 177 - TGE Plays Pathfinder - Ep 4 Denizens of the Vastwood

Denizens of the Vastwood: Episode 4 of The Keeper of the Dead Saga

Greetings Geeks!

Have you been anxiously awaiting the next chapter in our journey? Wait no longer, dear adventurer! Episode 4 of our adventure takes our traveling band of would be heroes deeper into the darkness of the Vastwood. We encounter more than a few dangerous creatures in this leg of our journey. Episode 3 – Perils of the Gartooth Swamp – saw our first fight so we pick up this episode amidst the fallout from that fight. The denizens of Vastwood are less than welcoming.

Each of our characters reacts differently to the fallout from the fight and taking the next step forward as we search for the trinket that set us on this path.

To Discuss

What is your worst nightmare in a story? What would you do if that nightmare happened to your character?

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