Episode 173 - TGE Plays Pathfinder - Intro & Ep 1 “The Antiquarian & the Wooden Man”

Greetings Fellow Adventurers!

On this holiest of geeky holidays, International Tabletop Day, The Geek Embassy welcomes you to follow us on a Pathfinder role play adventure. Isabela, Mark, Dante and I will take our newly rolled characters on an adventure hand crafted for us by Evan Graham. In today’s intro video, we share with you our character backstories, and a few hints about the story we will be exploring.

This campaign will be a journey in exploration and learning for me. This is my first ever pen and paper role play experience. I’ve wanted to jump into a true role playing game since I started my dissertation research almost 10 years ago. I noted in one of the texts I used how ironic it was that role players are often disparaged for their “performance” but we pay movie actors huge amounts of money to play scripted characters. It takes so much [...]

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