Episode 171 - Guilty Pleasures

Guilty pleasures! We had a great time at this hangout. We first discuss what makes something a guilty pleasure. We decided it’s often something you don’t talk much about, you generally don’t tell your friends or your family about it. Sometimes it might make you feel a little embarrassed that you enjoy it so much. Or it might be a show or movie that you watch and watch over and over again. 

Isabela previously discussed how guilty pleasures are often code for feminine. Romances are often described as guilty pleasures. One of the ideas we mention is they are often more light hearted or popcorn entertainment. 

The most amusing part of this hangout for me was hearing us defend each other’s guilty pleasures and then finally finding something Mark considered a guilty pleasure, even if he didn’t want to admit it. 

Until next time, get your geek on!

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