Episode 168 - New Years Live Hangout

New Year’s Eve has come and gone but the staff of The Geek Embassy had to take some time to reflect on 2016. We suffered plenty of misery, had some good times, saw some good movies, and read some great books. 2016 is one for the record books for sure and we are hoping that 2017 will bring everyone lots of joy.

Or at least a few less celebrity deaths.

Rhonda and I recall our fabulous time at Geek Girl Con in Seattle. We presented a great panel titled, “Capes & Baskets: What fairy tales can teach us about superheroes.” It was really well received and a blast. The comments were amazing. It was so much fun to see people take our ideas and run with them. We also offered some advice about what not to do if you have a panel at a con. (The dreaded, “We want to hear from you!” is at the top of the list.)

We shared some of ou [...]

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