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Hello Everybody,

You probably know by now that a very prominent, well-known musician, singer, actor, creator, producer, and director who has a number of other talents unfortunately is no longer with us. That person is none other than the artist who I'm sure positively influenced lots of people, including myself. He is Prince Rogers Nelson, also known as Prince.

When my son called and told me the sad news of Prince's passing, I literally screamed out loud, jumped from the table unaware that my Mac computer had fallen to the floor. Somehow my lower leg got bruised by these spontaneous actions. Don't believe me? I have a bandaid over the cut on my leg to prove it. I was completely in denial, refusing to believe the person who has been praised by many as an absolute musical genius, is sadly here no more. I thought maybe this was an internet hoax of some sort. Maybe the person at the Paisley Park complex was someone else -- other than Prince. Please, I told myself -- Let Prince be alive.

I read previously Prince canceled recent concerts, but surely this was nothing out of the ordinary. Maybe it was a simple case of exhaustion where he would bounce back and get back on schedule. Unfortunately, this was not the case, and bouncing back did not happen. In fact, I recall hearing the word "flu" mentioned. This sad incidence will be another instance of my remembering where I was when I heard devastating news of a catastrophe event -- this one being that of Prince's passing.

I became a Prince fan years back when I heard his first, debut song, "I Wanna Be Your Lover." It was an upbeat tune with good rhythm that you could easily dance to. I recall hearing radio announcers comparing Prince's vocals to those of Smokey Robinson because of his high falsetto. Well, the radio announcers, I and everyone else was in for a big surprise when his next hit demonstrated he could sing at deeper levels. From that moment on, I knew Prince was destined for ultimate greatness.

But let's get beyond his vocal ranges, and delve into his other undeniable talents such as playing numerous musical instruments, acting, directing and producing. I smile as I remember how it was proudly displayed that particular songs were written, produced and arranged by Prince. In other words he did it all. I became one of Prince's biggest fans -- as I continue to be, even upon his passing.

Next came the movies, including the award winning "Purple Rain". He discovered musicians, artists, and groups which showed that he shared and helped others with his talents -- above and beyond himself. In my opinion, Prince gave his all unselfishly.

Well, now as I write this, the realization of the great loss suffered by Prince's passing is beginning to hit hard. Even President Barack Obama, Google and others are acknowledging his passing. There's no room in my sad heart for denial any longer. The truth is Prince Rogers Nelson's songs, films and images will be that and nothing more. No more live Prince interviews, Prince appearing unexpectedly on television shows, no more concerts and no more knowing that he is still here. This all has to be in the past now.

The last live concert Prince gave was a few days before his passing where he assured everyone that he was alive and well. In fact, and I'm paraphrasing, he told them, "Wait a few days before wasting any prayers." Little was it known at that time this was not the case.

There are many other words to be said in praise of Prince and all the happiness and joy he brought to me and I'm sure everyone through his talented genius. Just know that with Prince gone there is a deep, dark void that was not there before. Even though he was elusive online and on social media, he left us his music and films via other means and devices. I believe that through his music, concerts, and films, his genius will live on forever.

It seemed like Prince's greatest priority was to entertain and positively influence others, especially when he gave his last concert merely four days prior. I think that one can learn from his unselfishness and spread it through interacting with others with the goal to have lasting positive impacts.

As the magnitude of the great loss of Prince sinks in, off in the distance, there are probably birds singing together. If you listen closely, you may question whether it is really singing that you hear. Maybe -- Indeed -- What you hear is how it truly sounds when Doves Cry.

Dear beloved Prince. You are missed.

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