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Hello Everybody!

Are you aware that there has been a Mom's Minute Trivia Contest going on for the last month? If not, now you do. Mom's Minute Trivia Contest is unique and different than the other trivia contests you may know about. For starters, Ms. H -- the host of Moms Minute creates her own weekly Mom's Minute Trivia question -- so each question is new and has never been asked before. Secondly, the questions will make you get your brain cells churning fast. But be careful - mind you. Sometimes, the answers are not as obvious as you may think. So before you fire off that answer, make sure you dotted all your i's and crossed all of your t's before entering -- But do enter.

The Moms Minute Trivia Contest rules are simple. On every Mom's Minute Video Game Show, Ms. H will present a video game trivia question. By the way, Mom's Minute Video Game Show with Ms. H airs live every Monday at 10:00 p.m. ET, 7:00 p.m. PT at

You access the show by logging in to -- all for free. You can use the generic log on if you like. During the show, Ms. H will ask an original trivia video game related question and she will provide the details of if you have to be exact with the answer or if there is leeway for the answer For example, if the answer is Electronic Arts -- it is ok to just answer EA -- depending on the question. After Ms. H asks the question, you have until the next weekly show to provide an answer on twitter under #MomsMinuteTrivia.

Important: You must answer the question on twitter -- not in chat room or any other way. If you do not have a twitter account, create one right now. You also must use the hashtag MomsMinuteTrivia, i.e. #MomsMinuteTrivia. The first person who answers the #MomsMinuteTrivia question correctly wins! Participation is quite high, so to increase your chances of winning, you should answer the question quickly, ideally, during the show or shortly after. If there are no winners during the show, Ms. H will post the question on twitter under her username RealMs_H to the twitter audience. Remember, the deadline for the answers is the next Mom's Minute with Ms. H Video Game Show -- so you have a whole week to answer the question. However, the first person who answers the question correctly wins! So there is no time to dilly or daily after Ms. H asks the trivia question. Answer as soon as you know the answer!

What are the prizes you might ask. Well, you, as the winner, will have the satisfaction of knowing you answered the #MomsMinuteTrivia question correctly. But Ms. H will not leave you with your hands open. As the winner, you will receive a special Pixelbot with Pixelbot instructons, a handwritten congratulations note card from Ms. H and an sticker.

In addition to the weekly prizes, there will be monthly grand prizes. The grand prize will be won by the person who answered the most #MomsMinuteTrivia questions correctly during the month. If no one person answered more than once correctly, then there will be a drawing to select the winner. The grand prize will be a single prize to the winner. All winners are announced live on the Mom's Minute VIdeo Game Show. There is no limit to how many times you can try to get the right answer and you are not penalized by not getting the answer right the first time. Ms. H is just looking for the correct answer to her #MomsMinuteTrivia contest.

Sounds like fun? It should because #MomsMinuteTrivia contest is fun! Don't miss out. Tune in to Mom's Minute with Ms. H Video Game Show where Ms. H talks about the video games she played, new video game releases, video game hot topics, her video game field trip, video game event, Mom's Minute Trivia contest and words for you short and sweet.

Are you a wiz when it comes to video gaming topics including video games current events? Then show off your smarts by entering the Mom's Minute Trivia Contest!

See you there!

In the meantime, enjoy the latest trailer of the Justice League Movie!

Happy Gaming!


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