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AllGames All-Stars -a.k.a. How to Become Famous 6 years 2 months ago #398398

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Here's how this will work. You get the highest score on a game, fastest time, 100% completion, etc. etc. Then you post it in a thread in this section of the forum. You became the AllGames All-Star for that game. Until someone beats you and posts a reply in the thread with proof that they beat you. Then they become the AllGames All-Star for that game and you go back to being whatever you were before. It's simple.

Your accomplishments will be validated via the honor system. Just post your score and it will be accepted. As long as you include a photo of the winning screen along with and AllGames item in the shot. (The AllGames item can be as simple as a piece of paper with the logo drawn on it). Otherwise it doesnt count.

Any game with way to measure how good you are can be used. Arcade, Pinball, Racing, Shmup, Puzzle, RPG, whatever you like. If it's stupid it'll be removed.

As an AllGames Allstar you will be famous and celebrated. People will like you more and you will have a sense of accomplishment in your life.
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AllGames All-Stars -a.k.a. How to Become Famous 5 years 11 months ago #398635

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Grand Theft Auto V: Golf Mini-Game

In this game, high score is the lowest score. Ties are broken by which player has the longest drive. The easiest way to see who is the superior golf player on GTA V in the All Games Community is to join the AGRN Crew on the Rockstar Social Club. The added value of doing the competition this way is that all platforms are eligible and can compete against eachother.
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