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Where's the love? 12 years 9 months ago #259052

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Hey guys, love the site and collection of podcasts you have assembled here. I like that you list the most recent happenings right on the front page, but it seems that you don't list when some of the other podcasts have new content!? Like Evil Avatar having the interview with Bioware! That is a great interview. Or when OLR has new podcasts available, etc..... It seems that the only ones to get the front page are AGR, Bobby's show, and a couple of the blogs that are ongoing. Is there a way to list the most recent content available from everyone? Maybe listing more that 5 slots on the mainpage? Or having a list the to side of the main page showing the most recent content from everyone on the site and the date when it was available.......Just a thouhgt. I like hearing everything on this site and want to make sure myself as well as everyone else get to hear/read it too!!!Thanks
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I think it has to do with the other show descriptions being added to our database. There is the ability to add them all to the front page with a checkbox. I'll make sure they know this, because they absolutely should be listed. Thanks jok3r---It looks like the affiliates don't add the episode descriptions for their shows, we just pull their feed. So we dont have the episodes added in our database. I'll see if we can make that happen. THANKS FOR MENTIONING THIS!
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The main reason we don't right now is purely technical rather than philospohical. We have an expanded interface that we use with all of our in-house shows that have a button that automagically puts the new show on the front page. However, all we do with our affiliates is take their existing RSS feed. We only look at their feed when someone actually goes to their show page, so it's not something we keep around - so we have absolutely zero record of when new shows of theirs go up or not.I've been trying to add them manually for a while, but the problem is that a lot of times (especially in the case of Evil Avatar) we'll air an episode and they won't put it on their feed for several days. (We get the episodes in a different format than you do as a podcast.) Since we don't get the description of the episode until they put it up on their feed, we don't have anything to post, and I didn't keep checking their feed to see if they finally posted the episode.I will see if our affiliates are willing to submit information to our site that will then get posted on the front page, though. I'd love to have the stuff on there, it's just a logistical and technical nightmare right now.
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