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This year i almost passed on AC after feeling disappointed in the last 2 games but as it turned October i could not help myself.So i put my preorder in and for the first time i have decided to get AC on ps3 as i am not sure if xbox has 2 disks or not like last years AC3 so i did not play a lot of multiplayer.
One thing i was worried about was how it was going to look since its also going to be a next gen game and some of last years big games AC3 and farcry3 looked dated on the current get so i was close to getting it on pc but i am glad i did not as ACIV and GTAV looks amazing on current gen consoles why did last years games not look as good as these? if they keep it up i will be happy to stick with ps3 and xbox for the next year or 2.

I am about 5 hours in on ACIV and this world is massive So you do spend some time sailing from A to B and i am glad they made it fun with lots of little things to do and if your on a mission it does not seem to interrupt it if you decide to jump off your ship and explore a random island.
From last years AC3 i found the ship combat parts kinda boring and the controls felt kinda clunky but they have fixed them in this one and made it easier to sail and take on other ships so i found it a lot more fun.
I think they have got rid of the huge city's and replaced them with smaller colonies and towns all across the map on the different islands and all have a different look to them and some places gave me the feel of how it felt navigating threw the city's in earlier AC games so it was not as bland as they were in AC3.And now everyview point is a fast travel station so i think they will come in handy once i am later in to the game.
Story wise i am not too far in to it as i keep getting distracted by all the side missions and so on and that's a good thing as it does not feel like a chore and they are really fun.
I can say Edward is far more interesting then Conner was and its fun playing as someone who just does not give a shit how he behaves so he is not your typical high and mighty moral driven protagonist.
But What has really had my interest is whats going on outside of the animus as you get the feeling the main protagonist is you and you have just been hired by Abstergo to research edward kenway and that's played in 3rd person and its up to you if you want to find out more about whats going on and find out stuff about the past games or you can just stick to the animus.

As for multiplayer i have not played much of that yet so i can not say too much about it but i think its not going to be that much different then the past games but at least i can get in to a game without connection problems or waiting for ages for a room to fill up.
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