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On DirectTV, it's pretty paltry.The exclusives are currently HDNet and HDNet Movies, both run by Marc Cuban, the owner of the Mavericks.HDNet is young and has very little programming, but their 1080i feed is beautiful, and the variety of what you find on their is different from most of the other channels you can get. The HDNet Movies channel is mostly older films that maybe 1 out 10 are decent.They also offer Discovery HD Theater which is just top notch. Great nature stuff, and some Discovery channel hits like American Chopper and Trading Spaces.ESPNHD, finally offering HD versions of SportsCenter, but still has most of it's content with the side bars to help with the non widescreen programming.ONE PPV channel which has a few playboy channels on late night. The selection of HD PPV is weak to say the least.HBOHD and Showtime HD, that's it on movie channels at DirectTV. Pathetic really. Not even offering the west coast feeds of those channels. So I get the Sopranos in HD at 6pm and that's it. Voom does better here in a big way.They throw in CBS in HD, but if you have a good signal you can get all locals over the air with a regular antenna. I get CBS, NBC, ABC, and PBS all in HD with a regular over the air antenna. Great quality mostly.They are adding the NFL Networks HD feed on August 1st.They have the NFL Sunday Ticket exclusively so that's why I stay with it. I cancelled all my movie channels on DTV and got the full package with VOOM.So that's it, about 9 or 10 channels and after you have an HDTV, you'll find yourself watching lame shows, just cause they're in HD, but on DTV, there is very SLIM PICKINGS.
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Showtime HD is terrible. The HD PPV offerings on DirecTV aren't very good, either. They have shown the same 3 or 4 movies for almost 2 months now. I haven't checked out the playbody PPV in HD, so I'm not sure what the picture quality is there, but I love what I see on DiscoveryHD and HDNet.J-
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i have Coz digital cable and there are only a few but im not about to sart paying for just a few channels. I'll wait till it get more popular
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