TOPIC: How was Ciara As Host - The American Music Awards?

How was Ciara As Host - The American Music Awards? 1 month 3 weeks ago #401235

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Hello Everybody!

Did you get a chance to watch the American Music Awards? I did not watch it live, but caught it, with lots of commercials (lol) on Hulu. I planned to watch it on Hulu instead of live which was a daunting decision. Days after the awards show aired, I steadfastly stayed off news sites, etc. on the internet so it would not be spoiled for me.

Whew! I think I made it two whole days without seeing any news about the awards show which was a feat on and unto itself. So I was able to watch it streaming without any prior knowledge of what happened. What a relief.

I will not discuss the complete show, but will narrow it down to how Ciara did hosting the show. Did she do good, bad, or indifferent? Without further ado, here's my opinion of Ciara as host of the American Music Awards, which aired on ABC live on Sunday, November 24, 2019.

Ciara Dances

Was it just me or did it seem as if she was doing a dance routine she has done many times before. I saw her show-stopping dance routine where she was in all white at another awards show and was expecting something of the same calibre here. Unfortunately, I did not get it. On the plus side, her dances were energetic.

In my opinion, she did not "bring it" to the American Music Awards. Not only did her dances have a "sameness" about them, but her set was not as memorable as I expected. During one number, she was lowered to the stage before she performed -- but that was it. I think the opening number/dance should have been more spectacular.

Ciara Dress Changes

I expected as much for Ciara, since she seems to always be impeccably dressed when she appears on talk shows. Looking back, there was no outfit that stood out for me. I liked the way how her hair was styled differently whenever she appeared, but again, the dresses, outfits to me were forgetful.

Ciara's Attention to Audience

Unfortunately, Ciara seemed like her attention was elsewhere instead of making sure the audience was having a good time. It was smart of the show to have lots of different presenters because Ciara failed at keeping their attention. I recall when she was asking her kids how was she doing as host. There's nothing wrong with that, but an even better question would have been how am I doing keeping the audience engaged and happy.

Assessment of Ciara as host of the American Music Awards

There was a lot that could have been improved upon in my opinion. Of course, Ciara does not face the brunt of the blame for this, but for the most part, she seemed like an after-thought instead of the main host of the awards show. In fact, I do not recall her mentioning at any one time how well someone performed or anything that would have connected her more to the show.

Recommendations for Ciara

First and foremost, the American Music Awards is an entertainment show. There were lots of acts that were show-stoppers. However, Ciara as "host" was not one of those. My advice to her staff and team is to make her appearances more memorable in some way instead of a footnote. Also, keep the energy up and for next time (if there is one), make the American Music Awards a show to remember when it was hosted by Ciara.

Lights! Camera! Action!

RealMs. H

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