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Hello Everybody!

Here is my movie review of The Revenant. This movie review is mine alone and does not represent the views of

Introduction to The Revenant Movie Review

If you watched or heard about the recent 2016 Golden Globe Awards like I did, you may have noticed the rated R movie The Revenant won many times in different categories. When the Golden Globe Awards aired, the movie had not been released in my area. However, it finally made its way here; hence my review.

It's my understanding there is a book that depicts what happened in the movie. After I saw the movie, The Revenant, I overhead someone mention they had read the book and they wanted to see how the director would show what happened in the movie. Since I did not read the book, I will not be comparing the book to the movie, or the movie to the book.

I'm simply letting you know what I thought of the movie, The Revenant and answer the question, Should you see the movie, The Revenant.

Where Do I Start in My Review of The Revenant?

How about the definition of the word Revenant? Revenant means someone who comes back or returns after being gone for a long time as well as someone who has come back from the dead. It can be a verb or a noun. Based on both definitions, I would say the title describes loosely what the movie The Revenant is about due to the flashbacks and other actions throughout the movie.

Just in case you have not seen this movie, I will try not spoil it for you with a lot of details, but I will say what drew me to the movie was the title.

Before the movie was released in my area, I saw a snippet on the Ellen DeGeneres Show and heard her make a joke about the part where Leonardo DiCaprio, who is the star of the movie, fights a bear. During her monologue, she joked that the bear was the true star of the movie before she showed a short clip of Leonardo DiCaprio aiming a rifle at it.

Now, since I have seen the movie, I take offense to Ellen DeGeneres and anyone else who jokes about this movie for two reasons. One -- It is not a comedy and Two -- I think jokes about movies of this nature are out of context. Earth to Ellen DeGeneres -- Every situation does not call for a joke especially one that was not even funny!

Acting Ability of the Characters in The Revenant

In my opinion, Leonardo DiCaprio did an excellent job of playing his part. In the acting category, Leonardo DiCaprio gets an A+ for believability and every other attribute that defines a good actor. Coming in at a close second is the villain of the movie played by Tom Hardy who, by the way, gives you lots of reasons to dislike him. It may not be politically correct to say the villain or bad guy is a good actor, but I think he did an outstanding job of being the character in the movie to dislike -- intensely.

Now since you know who I think the good actors were, you may want to know who I believe was the worst actor in the movie, The Revenant. Well, this will not be difficult at all. The absolute worst actor in the movie was the Captain played by Domhnall Gleeson. Whenever he spoke, it sounded as if he was reading from a script. Even when Dombhall Gleeson found out what happened to Leonardo DiCaprio's son in the movie, The Revenant, his face did not show any emotion. Not a glimmer. That's why I was surprised when he went on a trip with Leonard DiCaprio in the movie. You'll find out why he traveled with Leonardo DiCaprio if you see the movie.

How to Survive the Wilderness in The Revenant

There is no doubt in my mind that you cannot take away something from this movie on how to survive harsh winters in the wilderness. This doesn't mean you actually have to do what you saw in the movie. In fact, I would venture to say do not do anything that you saw in this movie. Some of the actions in the movie, The Revenant, are too gross to even phantom. It's important to note that this is, after all, a movie with actions that are not to be emulated.

I think Leonardo DiCaprio did an excellent job depicting what he had to do just to survive. That being said, I turned my head away from the screen several times during some the bloody scenes that involve bears and horses. There was also animal-like actions of Leonardo DiCaprio and others tearing through fish and eating from carcasses of animals -- without cooking on an open fire.

Believability of the story in The Revenant

I think this movie has a lot of explaining to do as to how Leonardo DiCaprio managed, first of all to survive being attacked repeatedly by a gigantic, ferocious bear. Leonardo DiCaprio was cut up and wounded pretty bad and his comrades were able to tend to some of his wounds -- but if you watch this movie, I think you will ask yourself -- How did he survive all of the agonizing pain and suffering?

Spoiler Alert: My biggest enigma was how he became mobile so quickly and transformed from a bleeding, crawling man who was fighting for his life -- to a walking, talking superhero type figure. He did this, not once, not twice -- but many times. Of course, this is a movie and a fantasy world is to be expected, but I think they pushed the envelope too far here. Even his Native American friend who I'm sure is more familiar with the perils of the wilderness did not make it. But guess who did. You guessed right -- Leonardo DiCaprio.

Spoiler Alert: It is also hard to believe that once he completes his mission, he does not follow through with what he had planned to do all along. I applaud him for doing or not doing what he intended to do to the villain, but I'm wondering if this would have happened in real life. Just saying. But remember -- revenge only harms those who seek it.

I want to add the cinematography was great, but it was Leonardo DiCaprio's acting ability and range that really brought this story to life.

Blasphemy and Name Calling in The Revenant

I think in a movie, you can get away with just about anything by saying that this was how people talked about or referred to other people during those times. I know this to be true, but personally, I did not like how the director referred to African Americans and Native Americans. I do not know how they could have gotten around this, except maybe to place a disclaimer at the beginning of the movie to let the audience know some of the names and words may be offensive.

Let's talk about the blasphemy part of the movie. Sure, there are a lot of people out there who are atheists -- and more power to them. However, I think if I had known the biggest joke told in the movie was going to be religious based, I do not think I would have gone to see this movie. I am not big on seeing movies that do not honor religion -- what ever that religion is. I was even more shocked when this movie got a big laugh from the audience from the villain Tom Hardy who, of course, was telling this joke. I will not dignify the joke by telling you it here.

I think the director tried to make up for the religious joke by depicting some scenes that were sort of pro-religion in the movie. But I say, shame on him, for letting this joke stay in the movie in the first place.

Length of The Revenant Movie

I think the length of the Revenant movie was just right. You may think a movie that lasts about 2 hours, 36 minutes is a bit too long. However, given all the content in the movie that was provided to you with background, flashbacks, extreme survival skills and much more -- I think the movie, The Revenant, had to use all the time it had available.

Assessment of The Revenant Movie

Overall, I believe this movie had a story to tell and it told its story well. Even though you may not like all that you see in the movie, The Revenant, it's very possible that scenarios like what happened in the movie actually took place. In fact, it is inspired by true events. If I made this movie, I'm sure I would remove the religious joke as well as the name calling. Other than that, I would have The Revenant movie story told exactly as it is depicted.

To answer the earlier question of if I think you should see this movie, my answer is a resounding Yes.

Rating of The Revenant Movie

On a scale of 1 star and 5 stars with 5 stars being the highest, I rate The Revenant movie 4 stars.

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