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Hello Everybody!

Here is my review of the Ride Along 2 movie. This review is mine alone and does not reflect the views of


I decided to review Ride Along 2 to help you decide if you should see this movie, especially if you saw the first Ride Along movie. Additionally, I think that a movie that beat Star Wars: The Force Awakens in box office sales is worth a review from me. Of course, Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie is in its fifth release week and has broken all kinds of records, so Ride Along 2, in my opinion, is not quite in the same league as this blockbuster Star Wars film.

Where's the Beef for Ride Along 2?

Not sure if you are familiar with an old burger commercial question asking where is the beef; however, I think it's a suitable question to ask of the Ride Along 2 movie. Unlike the Ride Along 1 movie, Kevin Hart's character did not appear to pester Ice Cube's character as much as he did in the first film. This is unfortunate, because I think the comedic timing as well as the dialogue give and take between Kevin Hart and Ice Cube in the first movie was the basis I think for releasing a sequel.

Instead of thickening the beef, Ride Along 2 was sliced very thin and too many other different ingredients were added. The different ingredients comprised a myriad of other characters who taken together could probably have had a movie all to themselves -- separate from Ride Along 2. When so many other actors were added to the movie, of course this diluted, so to speak the occasions where Kevin Hart and Ice Cube could ping off each other comedy-wise.

I believe if the Ride Along 2 cast was trimmed down a bit, leaving out the characters played by Ken Jeong and Sherri Shepherd, there would have been more time in the movie to spend on Kevin Hart's character badging Ice Cube's character to become his detective partner.

Logic Check for Ride Along 2

There were several situations in the movie that did not seem logical to me. Spoiler Alert: For instance, the premise of the movie was for Ice Cube's character to prove to Kevin Hart that he was not detective material by having him work on a case based in Miami, Florida. My thought process would be to animately deny Kevin Hart from being my partner if he could possibly hinder the success of a case. However, Ice Cube’s character did just the opposite and invited him along.

Spoiler Alert: Another failed logic check is when Ice Cube and Kevin Hart let Ken Jeong roam freely during a party and act surprised when he gets away from them.

Spoiler Alert: I also think it was an illogical circumstance for Kevin Hart and Ice Cube to be recognized for doing a good job on the case -- after they were specifically told they were off the case after the damage the two did in the span of time they were working in Miami. Maybe these situations are done because the writers and director know the story is made up and does not require any resemblance to reality.

Kevin Hart Taunts Olivia Munn in Ride Along 2

This goes back to having too many other characters in the plot where instead of focusing his comedic taunts on Ice Cube, Kevin Hart did so to others in the movie -- including Olivia Munn. I liked the character that Olivia Munn played in Ride Along 2 and thought that she was believable in her role. I took offense to Kevin's Hart's character's attempt at humor by roasting/insulting her character by referring to the size of her hands as well as how she looked. He minched his words when she appeared later in the movie dressed up to attend an event when they impersonated others in order to gain admittance. Again, I think the movie would have been funnier if the focus was on Kevin Hart's character’s failure to prove that he was capable of being Ice Cube's detective partner instead of lashing out at Olivia Munn.

Ride Along vs. Ride Along 2

In my opinion, Ride Along was by far funnier and more enjoyable to watch than Ride Along 2. I can count the laugh out loud moments in Ride Along 2 on one hand, while there were numerous comedic moments in the first Ride Along movie. When I watched Ride Along 2, I found myself trying to figure out the crime that took place and wondering if the criminals would get away. In other words, I was focused on the subplot of the movie instead of the few comedic actions that were going on. In fact, I think Ride Along 2 was on the verge of being an action movie instead of a comedy.

Overall Assessment of Ride Along 2

In my opinion, Ride Along 2 probably received high box office numbers due to the lack of new comedic movies out right now. The only other comedy out in movie theaters is Daddy's Home which is a Christmas movie that has been out for some time. Given the limited choices, I think many people decided to settle and watch Ride Along 2 -- hence the high attendance numbers. Personally, I chose to see Ride Along 2 because I enjoyed the first Ride Along movie and expected the same enjoyment from this movie.

If there is a Ride Along 3 movie, my advice to the writers and director would be to pare down the number of other characters in the movie and concentrate on the comedic joisting between Kevin Hart's character and Ice Cube. In other words, keep it simple.

Rating of Ride Along 2

Based on a rating of 1 star to 5 stars, with 5 stars being the highest, I give Ride Along 2 two and one half (21/2) stars.

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