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Hello Everybody!

Here is my review of the movie Spotlight. This movie review is mine alone and does not reflect the views of

Introduction of the Spotlight Movie Review

Spotlight is a movie I did not rush out to see as soon as it came out. Reason being I was not impressed by the movie preview or the panel discussions about the movie from the cast who appeared from time to time on talk shows before Spotlight was released .

What drew me to see this movie was the star of the movie, Michael Keaton. I enjoyed watching Michael Keaton act recently during his award winning performance in the movie Birdman and was hoping he could replicate a similar type performance in Spotlight. Unfortunately, my expectations were not fulfilled. This was not the fault of Michael Keaton's acting skills, but rather, in my opinion, the storyline that did not lend itself to show how much of a renowned actor Michael Keaton is.

Media Format in the Spotlight Movie

In my opinion, some real-life drama topics flourish in the movie-make-believe format. However, in some cases, I believe due to the seriousness or far-reaching implications of actions depicted in the movie -- some topics are more effective as true documentaries. I think the subject covered in Spotlight fit that criteria.

Focus of the Spotlight Movie

Throughout Spotlight, you will see groups of people sitting around having meetings that center around bringing to the forefront -- once again -- the egregious problem of Catholic priests engaging in inappropriate actions with children. In the movie, it is clear that this topic for a news story was covered years before with no tangible results. In other words, no changes transpired when this story was reported initially.

Fast forward a few years ahead, this subject comes up as a possible story to be covered by a group within the Boston Globe newspaper known as Spotlight. According to the movie, Spotlight consists of a group of reporters who covers topics that are highly secretive. When the story regarding the inappropriate behavior of Catholic priests resurfaced, it was given to Spotlight to cover, headed by Michael Keaton's character.

From my perspective, Spotlight was more like taking a course in Journalism 101 on how to cover a story that will implicate and reflect negatively on those sometimes held in high esteem. In my opinion, this story did not have the makings of a blockbuster movie or one that I will want to watch once it goes to DVD. Even as an expose, I think this movie erred on the side of maybe trying not to offend some of the movie-goers who may be of this religious faith.

In my opinion, I think the movie as a documentary showing that these actions by Catholic priests happened and are still happening with nothing being done to stop them -- would have had a more lasting effect -- instead of, in my opinion, a movie drama showing Michael Keaton and others chasing down a news story. During a talk show, the actors sat at the table with the actual reporters involved with the story. Instead of focusing the discussion on what the story was exposing, more attention, in my opinion, was given on how the actors mimicked them going about their jobs as reporters.

Suspense in Spotlight Movie

Suspense was non-existent in the movie Spotlight. I knew from the get-go that Michael Keaton's Spotlight group would get the story published about the Catholic priest. There was a part in the movie where suspense was suggested dealing with how empty boxes of evidence were found, including the question of what happened to the documents. However, I would classify this incidence as being mysterious instead of suspenseful.

Low to No Impact of Problem Depicted in Spotlight Movie

Spoiler Alert: Of course Spotlight is a movie with movie actors and movie scenes rather than specific calls to action. However, given the seriousness of the allegations from this movie, I think the ending of the movie could have issued a message to the effect that now is always the time to take action against those who abuse others who hold them in high esteem. Instead, at the movie conclusion, lots of locations, both domestic and international strolled on the screen showing where these unfortunate incidences have occurred.

Assessment of Spotlight Movie

I did not see the level of commitment I expected from the movie Spotlight on this topic. It appeared as if triumph for Spotlight came not from addressing the problem with inappropriate behaviors from some Catholic priests -- but from successfully having a story published about it. Since this story is being told from a newspaper angle, maybe there were restraints as to how far the movie could go in addressing the problem. However, the above being said, in my opinion any mechanism used, whether it is be a movie from a newspaper stance about this problem, or some other way -- is a move to hopefully stop this problem from reoccurring over and over again.

Rating of Spotlight Movie

On a scale of 1 star to 5 stars with 5 stars being the highest, I give the movie Spotlight 2 stars.

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