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Hello Everybody!

Here is my review of the latest 2015 Steve Jobs movie starring Michael Fassbender as Steve Jobs. This review is mine alone, and does not reflect the views of


There are numerous movies and documentaries about the late Steve Jobs. When I found out this latest movie was coming out, I planned to see it as soon as it opened -- which I did. Having seen a previous Steve Jobs movie starring Ashton Kutcher, I was curious as to how this movie would depict Steve Jobs. For the record, I believe Aston Kutcher did an adequate job in his role as Steve Jobs and the actions in the movie were factually based. Before seeing the 2015 Steve Jobs movie, I did not watch any of the movie trailers, so I had no idea which direction the movie would take in portraying Steve Jobs. Well, after just a few minutes watching the movie, it became clear to me the stance this movie was going to take.

Lisa, Lisa, Lisa

Have you ever seen the Brady Bunch television shows or movies where one of the Brady kids, Marsha-- has her name repeated over and over again because she is getting all of the attention? If you have, feel free to replace Marsha's name with Lisa Brennan's, Steve Jobs' daughter, who in my opinion appeared in this movie too many times.

My purpose in going to see Steve Jobs 2015 movie was to learn more about the person who helped to change the world when it comes to technology, phones and computer use in our everyday lives. However, it looked like this movie was planned around a different synopsis which included having Lisa as the focus point along with depicting Steve Jobs negatively.

Specifically, the catalyst for some of the negativity centered around how Steve Jobs treated the mother of his daughter. As I watched the many scenes that showed his daughter Lisa, I could not help but wonder if the real-life daughter Lisa had any say in how much the movie would seemingly revolve around her.

I understand that Lisa is Steve Jobs daughter, however, if I wanted to learn more about Lisa, I would not go to a movie with a title of "Steve Jobs." I think the movie spent too much time on the relationship between Lisa and Steve Jobs than what was called for. I've read Steve Jobs authorized autobiography by Walter Isaacson which I recall had very little information in it about Lisa. It's an enigma to me as to why so much movie time was spent on Lisa, unless it was to try to cast even more darker shadows over Steve Jobs.

The movie spanned from the time Lisa was five years old to when she was about 19 years old. By the time she got older, Steve Jobs had married and had three other children. I think it was a disservice to Steve Jobs' character to concentrate on the negatives of how he did not want to accept Lisa as his daughter, while at the same time totally ignoring, I'm certain, all the nurturing and care he gave to his immediate family. To the movies' credit, all of the interactions between Steve Jobs and his daughter in the movie were overall positive, even though there were a few minor arguments that transpired between the two.

I think the movie would have been more enlightening and enjoyable to watch if the Lisa angle was left off completely and more concentration was made on Steve Jobs being the visionary world-changer that he was -- to include how he made a pilgrimage to India -- which by the way was omitted from the movie.

Dialogue Galore

You will notice and hear lots of dialogue in this movie, I guess, to help move the story along. Of course in all likelihood the actual conversations are fabricated; however, I think the dialogue was sufficient. I believe the movie took literary license by having the Steve Jobs' marketing employee, played by Kate Winslet, almost constantly by his side. Even though she was a marketing employee, given how much she got involved in his business, both personal and professional, she seemed more like a "help-mate" or his personal assistant instead.

Character Believability

In my opinion, Michael Fassbender who played Steve Jobs in the movie did not make his part believable. I do not think he did Steve Jobs justice in the acting department. In fact, his acting, in my opinion left a lot to be desired. Even when he wore Steve Jobs' signature black shirt, blue jeans and white sneakers -- I did not feel as if he pulled off being Steve Jobs.

I was surprised that Seth Rogen gave a passable characterization of Steve Wozniak, especially since he is known, in my opinion for being comedic. There were a few verbal outbursts from Seth Rogen as Steve Wozniak which were not believable. Personally, I see Steve Wozniak as being mild-mannered, and not one who would loudly yell insults at Steve Jobs -- which happened in the movie. This being said, I think Seth Rogen's performance as Steve Wozniak was eons ahead of Mike Fassbender's as Steve Jobs.


In my opinion, the Steve Jobs 2015 movie gave an overwhelming negative slant to Steve Jobs which was unrealistically based. Of course, it is a movie, and there will be some fictionalization -- but I think the writers and director of this movie went overboard in trying to get the audience to think of Steve Jobs in a negative, vice positive light. Given the outpouring of grief and sympathy for his family that was world-wide upon his unfortunate passing -- I think this negative characterization of Steve Jobs was not only unfounded but was more importantly -- unwarranted. Regarding the appearances of Lisa in the movie -- even though she is his daughter, I think her part was too dominating and overwhelmed the movie -- which was not a good thing.


Using a rating scale of 1 star to 5 stars, with 5 stars being the highest, I give the 2015 Steve Jobs Movie a rating of 1 1/2 stars.

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