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Hello Everybody!

Here is my review of the No Escape movie.

Disclaimer: The views expressed here in my movie review of No Escape are mine and do not in any way reflect those of

No Escape Movie Review Introduction

When I saw the preview of No Escape a few days ago at the movies, I made a mental note to see the full movie when it was released. The preview showed a woman running trying to jump between two very tall buildings and possibly landing hard on cement. I wanted to know under what circumstances a scene like this would happen. For some reason, I was under the impression that a catastrophic natural disaster was happening that the main characters in this movie were trying to escape.

However, I found out there is certainly a disaster of sorts happening in the movie; however, a natural one is not a factor behind the urgent need for the family in this movie to escape. Very early on in the movie, I believe you will find out the reasons why they were trying desperately to escape.

No Escape First Impressions

My first impression of No Escape was that Owen Wilson, Lake Bell, Pierce Brosnan, as well as the two little girls, actors Sterling Jerins and Claire Geare performed their parts adequately. Even though Owen Wilson is known for acting mostly in comedies, I believe he transitioned well to play the main character, Jack Dwyer in this dramatic movie. Also, it was refreshing to me to see Pierce Brosnan back on the big screen, even if his part in the movie was not as big as I expected.

No Escape Positives

I think this movie will have you on the edge of your seat during some of the scenes especially when it is uncertain what other dangers the family will face. Additionally, the action and run-away/chase scenes are riveting which I believe will keep your interest.

No Escape Negatives

In my opinion, there were quite a few negatives regarding No Escape. For example, there were chance meeting up of some of the characters in this movie which to me seemed to be unrealistically incidental. Also the movie showed some of the opposing enemies having empathy for the family with no prior basis to do so, except maybe due to the fact that two little girls were involved in the escape.

There were also parts in the movie where you may question how did certain actions take place and if it was plausible for those actions to happen. For example, there is a chance meeting between Owen Wilson and Pierce Brosnan just at a time where the family seemingly would not have had any way to get out of a dangerous situation without his help.

It also seemed odd that an enemy from the opposing side would recognize the main character as a foreigner, but simply walk on, without alerting the other enemies that he had located the family. There was also the circumstance where a loose motorcycle key was found among deceased bodies where Owen Wilson somehow (due to movie magic) was able to locate a corresponding motorcycle in a long line of parked vehicles -- during a time when the enemies were not far away from them.

When facing an angry mob, intent on revenge -- to me it appeared unrealistic that there would be fist-fights going on between the main character and the enemies, especially when throughout the movie the extent of the brutality of these enemies was shown. I think, based on the egregious and inhumane acts done previously by the enemy -- the enemy would have been quick to use their weapons instead of their fists. Since the family were the stars of the show, I think some actions by the enemies were misconstrued to make sure the family would escape -- which of course the audience, including myself wanted to happen.

No Escape Assessment

In my opinion there too many scenes in the movie where the family was in clear danger; however, I knew they would pull through simply because, again, they were stars of the movie. I found myself thinking about not if the family would escape certain situations, but how they would do so.

Regarding the child actors -- Personally, I did not like the idea of the two little girl actors, or child actors period -- being around some of the violent acts depicted and gruesome scenes shown in this movie.

No Escape Rating

No Escape is rated R for Restricted and should not be seen by any one under the age of 17 without being accompanied by an adult. Based on a scale of one star to five stars -- with one star being the lowest rating and five stars being the highest, I give No Escape a rating of two stars.

Lights! Action! Camera! -- RealMsH

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