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Hello Everybody!

Here is my review of The Gift movie.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this movie review are mine and do not reflect those of

The Gift Introduction

The Gift movie lives up to its category as a suspense/thriller. There are thriller aspects of the movie that may cause you to jump in your seat, and there are suspense elements that may have you wondering where this movie is going, and probably more importantly, how will it end.

The Gift Positives

I saw quite a few positives in this movie. I think The Gift steered away from the blood and gore that you may expect from some thriller-type movies. In my opinion, there was a mix of just the right amount of thriller scenes interspersed with suspense.

The acting from the main characters, Jason Bateman as Simon Callen, Rebecca Hall as Robyn Callen and Joel Edgerton as Gordon "Gordo" Mosley was adequate for the storyline of the movie. There were no over or underacting throughout the movie and the actors portrayed their characters realistically. I was impressed by Jason Bateman's depiction of his character which I think he played to a "T". I give kudos to him for his acting ability, because even when I found out his true nature via the events of the movie's story-line, he managed to convey a character who could possibly be empathized with.

The Gift is big on keeping the audience guessing, which is the draw of most suspenseful movies. For example, based on the title of the movie,you may ask yourself -- exactly what is the gift -- especially when you see what transpires during the movie.

The Gift Negatives

After the movie ends, you may want to know what happens to the Callens as well as "Gordo" -- which is not quite clear in this movie. To not give anything away, there is a question of employment on the part of Jason Batman's character and a paternal issue towards the end of the movie.

During the early part of the movie, in my opinion, The Gift had television "Lifetime-like" movie qualities, instead of depicting a story suitable for the big screen. However, as the movie progressed, the story became more fitting to be a full, bona fide movie instead of a movie made for television.

The Gift Assessment

Previously, I chose to see the Fantastic Four movie over The Gift when these movies were released at about the same time period. By the way, my review of the Fantastic Four movie is available at

I happened to have a free movie ticket and decided to use it to see The Gift. Now that I've seen the movie, I think I would have paid to see it due to the level of suspense and thriller moments. If you plan to see The Gift, I do not see buying a movie ticket as a waste of money, but money that is very well spent.

If you like to see suspense/thriller movies, including those you think will be predictable, and turns out to be the complete opposite -- I recommend that you see The Gift. An added plus to the unpredictability of the movie, is the moral, which hopefully will be clear to you after you have seen The Gift.

The Gift Rating

The Gift movie is rated R and should not be seen by anyone under 17 years old unless accompanied by an adult. Based on a rating of one to five stars, with one star being the worst and five stars being the best, I give The Gift movie a rating of three stars.

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