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Hello Everybody!

Here is my review of the Hit Man: Agent 47 movie.

Disclaimers: There are spoilers in this movie review. If you plan to see Hit Man: Agent 47, I recommend you wait until after you have seen the movie to read my review. I have not played any of the Hit Man video games, so my review is about the movie only with no references or tie-backs to these games. Also, the views expressed in this review are mine, and do not reflect those of

Hit Man: Agent 47 Introduction

Have you ever watched an actor in a movie and could not shake off the character he played in a previous movie? During the movie, I felt this way about Zachary Quinto who plays CIA agent, John Smith. Zachary Quinto is known for playing the part of Dr. Spock in the recent Star Trek movies. During his scenes I kept waiting for his ears to become pointy and for him to don his Star Trek uniform.

I saw Zachary Quinto on a talk show promoting Hit Man: Agent 47. A movie clip showed him in a high-speed car chase scene along with Hannah Ware who plays the role of the scientist’s daughter Katia Van Dees -- trying to escape from Agent 47, played by Rupert Friend. The clip was short and did not reveal much about the movie. That’s why I was surprised when I found out Zachary Quinto did not have a much bigger part in the movie, especially when he was the only actor in Hit Man: Agent 47 who recently appeared in a blockbuster type movie.

Hit Man: Agent 47 Who was the Best Actor?

In portraying their respective characters, I found Hannah Ware as Katia Van Dees to be the most convincing, Zachary Quinto as John Smith to be the least convincing and Rupert Friend playing Agent 47 fell somewhere in the middle. In my opinion, the winning actor was Hannah Ware who portrayed her character consistently well and was believable throughout the movie.

Regarding Rupert Friend’s acting abilities -- At the start of the movie, he was true to his role as the unemotional, chemically, genetically engineered agent and seemed machine-like in his actions and mannerisms. However, similar to a few other movies I've seen lately, some actors start off strong in portraying their character; then for some reason they fall short midway and at the end of the movie. This was the case for Rupert Friend, who, in my opinion was overly emotional and out of character toward the end of the movie, especially when he found out the true relationship between himself, Katia Van Dees as well as Ciaran Hinds who played the scientist father.

Zachary Quinto as John Smith befriended Katia Van Dees at the beginning of the movie and showed his villainous side later in the movie. In my opinion, Zachary Quinto did not play a "noteworthy" type villain. To me, his acting seemed forced and was totally unbelievable.

Hit Man: Agent 47 Action, Action and More Action

There are lots of action scenes in Hit Man: Agent 47. Looks like as many ways as possible were shown regarding how a character can be destroyed whether the methods are by other humans or machinery devices. The good news is the movie was not as gruesome and bloody as I expected given the name of the movie -- Hit Man: Agent 47. There are some cringe-worthy scenes in the movie, but not to the extent of other movies I’ve seen such as Mad Max: Fury Road. I believe the movie transitioned to the action "downtimes" scenes appropriately to give the audience a breather from the fights, duels, explosions and car chases.

There is a movie scene which showed how a car can be "towed" from about three stories or more high at multiple angles. This “towing” scene did not quite rival the scene in the movie Furious 7 where a car careened from one skyscraper building to another -- but I think the creativity of how this car was "towed" or lifted falls in the same type category -- even if CGA is involved.

Hit Man Agent 47: Female Damsel in Distress

You may get the impression that everyone seems to be out to save and protect Katia Van Dees who in the beginning of the movie appears to be incapable of defending and taking care of herself. You may become baffled when you later find out she was one of her father’s genetically enhanced agents. In fact, she is really Agent 90. She makes a joke out of this by saying something to the effect to Agent 47 "So this means I am 43 times better than you are."

I was glad when she shed the damsel in distress persona when she came into her own during the latter part of the movie, where she not only defended herself, but fought right alongside Agent 47.

Hit Man: Agent 47 Movie Disconnects

There were quite a few storyline and other type movie disconnects in Hit Man: Agent 47. For example, it is found out later during the movie that Katia Van Dees is really genetically engineered Agent 90. Since she is an agent like Agent 47, I would like to know why her barcode with corresponding numbers were not tattooed on the back of her head like Agent 47. According to Agent 47, the back of agents’ heads are barcoded upon birth and a bar code number is added when they become agents.

Another disconnect in the movie is Katia Van Dees appears to be surprised that she was one of her father's experiments even though during the movie, scenes appeared where she was able to foretell the location of certain people, including Agent 47.

An additional disconnect is during a scene, Agent 47 tells Agent 90 that she is actually weak, when during the latter part of the movie he tells her that she is the complete opposite.

Yet another disconnect was the bikini scene of Hannah Ware that, in my opinion served no purpose to move the story along.

Major Spoiler Alert: There is an elevator scene where Agent 47 swaps a child’s inhaler for a sharp object in a “pick-pocket” like motion. Of course this action is not condoned, since a child is involved and given a sharp object. However, the inhaler disconnect is somehow it becomes an explosive device and is used by the scientist for his "Armageddon" like moment during the end of the movie. If you are not familiar with the Armageddon movie, during the end Bruce Willis sacrifices himself to save others.

Hit Man: Agent 47 Assessment:

Hit Man: Agent 47 is a rated R movie due to content and should not be seen by anyone under 17 years old unless accompanied by an adult. That being said, I've seen other movies that had a lot more detailed violent graphic scenes than this one. In my opinion, this is a good thing, since I go to movies to watch them and not to turn my head away from the screen due to overly violent content.

I think the story-line of Hit Man: Agent 47 was ok, but of course this scenario has been enacted many times where someone is trying to locate runaway scientists to take his or her ideas for their own, with sometimes criminally-minded agendas.

Hit Man Agent 47: Rating

On a rating of one star to five stars, with one star being the worst and five stars being the best, I will rate this movie two and one-half (2 1/2) stars. The 1/2 star addition is due to the prevalence of a semi-strong female character in the movie whose acting chops were not half bad.

Lights! Action! Camera! -- RealMsH

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