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Hello Everybody!

Here is my review of the Ant Man Movie.

Disclaimer: This Ant Man movie review consists of the opinions of Ms. H and in no way reflects the views of


There is a saying to always trust your instincts. Logically, I could not envision an ant being any type of super-being and my intuitive instinct was to bypass the Ant Man movie. However, it just so happened that due to my proximity to a movie theatre while I was out and about one day, I decided to give this movie the benefit of the doubt and watch it. Well, suffice it to say, I should have went with my instincts.

About a week before I saw the Ant Man movie, the star, Paul Rudd was on a television talk show to promote the movie. Instead of talking about how entertaining and exciting the Ant Man movie was -- he instead said he liked Ant Man's outfit a lot. His remark about the Ant Man outfit instead of the content of the movie was another clue for me not to watch this movie. Instead, I decided, against my better judgment to see the movie anyway.

Ant Man Movie Positives

While there are many negatives about the Ant Man movie, there are positives as well, including the fact the movie starred Paul Rudd, who I've seen in other movies including the movie "Clueless" and many more. A positive was the movie provided a background story of how Ant Man came about which included a creatively crafted appearance of a much younger Michael Douglas in one of the early scenes in the movie. By the way, Michael Douglas co-starred in the Ant Man movie alongside Paul Rudd.

Ant Man Movie Negatives

Ant Man was the nemesis of the character played by Michael Douglas, who gets a second chance at conducting an experiment to create/upgrade Ant Man. In my opinion, negatives included my intelligence being insulted when the movie story line went into great lengths to show how Ant Man and ants would be useful during war-times, given their small size. Of course the movie overlooks the fact that since ants are tiny, they can easily be destroyed without a lot of effort. This may be why during the movie, you would not see a single ant fighting solo during the "fighting" scenes, but would see colonies of them, controlled and led of course by Ant Man.

Other negatives include Paul Rudd's acting chops not being quite up to par in the Ant Man movie. For example, he didn't give me the impression he was at his acting best when saying some of his lines. In fact, if you did not know that he was Ant Man in the movie, he could have been passed off as an extra instead. In my opinion, he did not make the Ant Man movie role his own. Additionally, if you asked me if there were any Ant Man scenes that stood out in the movie, my answer would be there were none.

Even the scene where Ant Man first wore his costume and became aware that he had "ant powers" was not worth watching. In fact, I will go so far as to say the complete movie itself was not worth watching.

How to Improve the Ant Man Movie

In my opinion, the Ant Man movie would have been interesting if Ant Man’s powers and actions were similar to Spiderman’s so to speak. To explain -- Ant Man becomes tiny in size and controls ants. Spiderman’s size does not change and he does not control spiders. Spiderman simply possesses some of the traits of spiders, such as agility, spider senses and his powerful spider web.

Ants are known to be hard workers, very loyal to their queen and able to lift weights far in excess of their own. Instead of using these ant “powers” and showing Ant Man to have these traits, the movie storyline is based on Ant Man leading and controlling ants as well as flying on the back of an ant.

When in character and costume, Ant Man is reduced to the size of the ants he is controlling so in my opinion, he is not only tiny, as mentioned above, but powerless as well. There was a scene where Ant Man had to move through a door keyhole to gather intel. My question is -- Why not just give Ant Man super hearing so instead of having to go through a key hole, he could just listen through the door instead? This seems to me to be a common-sense type super power that Ant Man could possess.

Since the Ant Man movie was obviously lacking in excitement and sometimes even common sense, some of the movie’s content leaned toward trying to be humorous instead. Paul Rudd had a few funny lines where in one scene he speaks about ruining a "moment" in the movie when he makes a joke while one of the characters was discussing a serious or deep subject. Additional humor within the movie may have helped the Ant Man movie to be more enjoyable to watch.

The above being said, since I'm not a fan of an ant being a super-being, even if the above improvements were made, I would probably not see another Ant Man movie.

I agree with Paul Rudd that the Ant Man outfit was impressive, which is not saying a lot for the movie itself. To look on the bright side, the Ant Man movie only lasted a little over an hour and a half so even if you can never get back the time vested in watching this movie, at least the movie was relatively short since I’ve seen some movies last in excess of two hours or more.

Ant Man Movie Rating

I'm not sure if there will be a sequel to the Ant Man movie; however, if there is, I will definitely follow my instincts next time. I will choose to use my time more wisely than watching a movie that in my opinion, had little to no entertaining value.

On a rating scale of one to five stars, with one star being the lowest rating, and five stars being the highest, I give the Ant Man movie one star.

Lights! Camera! Action! -- RealMsH

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Ant Man: A Movie Review 4 years 5 months ago #399734

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I thought that this movie was pretty darn good, better than what I had expected.
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