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All Superheroes Must Die (AKA Vs.) 6 years 4 months ago #398534

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I was interested in seeing this after watching the trailer. And James Remar was an added bonus. So here's a quick rundown on the plot:

Four superheroes wake up to find that their powers have been taken via their blood. As old friends, they reunite to save the town from Rickshaw (James Remar) who holds a serious grudge against the heroes. He, being the one who has removed their powers and weakened them, has decided to play them off in a series of trials involving innocents kidnapped and tied to explosives.

Charge, Cutthroat, The Wall and Shadow must band together and put aside past differences to try and beat Rickshaw at his own game and save the victims from certain death.

Surprisingly well shot and relatively good character development. Really worth looking at, even if only to see Remar's performance. He comes off as a really unhinged kind of villain, taking real pleasure in toying with the heroes. The backstory for the main protagonists is a little too juvenile for my tastes, but it has its part to play.

Overall : 8/10
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