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TOPIC: The Newsroom Vs. Game Of Thrones

The Newsroom Vs. Game Of Thrones 6 years 1 month ago #398504

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Recently I talked myself into getting HBO for a year for free. I'll not provide the details of how I did this, but it's completely legitimate and a result of continuing CenturyLink incompetence. One of the first things I did was download the third season of Game Of Thrones and the first season of The Newsroom via video on demand. I hadn't seen the latest season of Game Of Thrones or any of The Newsroom, so I was eagerly looking forward to seeing what others had lauded so highly. I am switching between watching episodes of both of these shows and am finding that I LOVE The Newsroom due to the well written dialog and connection to current events. I only slightly like Game Of Thrones, mostly due to the blood, nudity, and dragons burning stuff.

This brings me to the following dillema: Am I a bad nerd because I hold another show above Game Of Thrones, or is my liking of The Newsroom an example of the English/Good Writing/Politics Nerd in me. Also, which do you prefer? Utilize the poll above.
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The Newsroom Vs. Game Of Thrones 6 years 4 weeks ago #398516

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Newsroom has bouts of good writing surrounded by tons of cliche. Every single character has a witty, quick comeback waiting to go. If two people have a close relationship for years, then that kind of rapid fire, back and forth conversation is believable. But when every random person on the street has a monologue ready to go and an instantaneous response thats is always either deep, funny, or meaningful (most of the time all three), it gets ridiculous.

On Game of Thrones, only Tyrion and Jaime are that quick with words. And because other people react to that, it makes it more enjoyable to watch.
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The Newsroom Vs. Game Of Thrones 6 years 2 weeks ago #398549

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I LOVE both of these shows equally, lol. The Newsroom is an awesome show, I've been watching both since their first episodes aired. You're not a bad Nerd at all, lol.

It's a hard choice but I will pick one.
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