TOPIC: MTAC 2011 - Nashville, TN April 22nd - 24th

MTAC 2011 - Nashville, TN April 22nd - 24th 9 years 3 days ago #394341

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I'm just curious to see if anyone's going this year. This will be my first year, as going with a huge group of cosplayers for Sailor Moon (No, I won't be a scout... looks like I'm Tuxedo Mask). We all did a good cosplay group for GMX in Nashville, TN back in October, so we're doing it again and pulling out "all the stops" it seems.There's also a lot of music going on, seeming that this is the 11th year and music is the theme (ya know, other than anime).The first (I'm assuming) big guest they got is Eric Stuart who does a lot of voice acting, including Brock from Pokemon, as well as many of the creatures themselves. I'm assuming more names will be announced, but you can check his bio and other bands performing here.It looks rather cheap, less than 50 dollars for a three day pass, so it could be a RIOT.All the info is here.Anyone goin?
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MTAC 2011 - Nashville, TN April 22nd - 24th 8 years 11 months ago #394463

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MTAC is the result of many moving pieces, all brought to the table by a wide and vast array of individuals, combined to form something special - 3 Days of Anime! Dealers, volunteer, special guests, and friends of MTAC all work together with the staff of MTAC to produce an incredibly unique and exciting show for all of us to enjoy. MTAC is joining the Nashville Cherry Blossom Festival (Saturday, March 26) in presenting the Cherry Blossom Festival's cosplay fashion show contest.
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