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The thing is, TRON Legacy is the same thing that TRON was.- Cutting edge special effects (Disney submitted the original TRON for the special effects category. The Academy refused them saying that using computers was cheating and disqualifies the movie)- Great Story, though nothing "earth shattering"- Great Acting, again nothing "earth shattering"The original TRON didn't light up the world with reviewers either. It's popularity grew after the fact with the youth that grew up around it. Both movies are great. Like I said before, TRON Legacy made me feel like I was 15 again (I was 15 when TRON came out).
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Tron Legacy was my first 3D movie going experience since the theater I been going to for the past couple of years has upgraded. When ever a movie comes out and it supports 3D, I will definitely see it in 3D by default. I will have to check out the movies in DBox.
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I saw it on Midnight as a birthday present to myself. I felt so bad because there was less than 20 people watching it with me that night.It made for one HELL of a good moment before the movie started. Trolling all around and we all rick roll'd each other right before the movie.The movie was very enjoyable. Sure, it wasn't a "true" sequel like many other movies, but the generation gap needed to re-explain some things. For those die hard Tron fans, it may have confused them why they were re-capping and almost making the movie again, but everyone has to realize the 20+ year gap between movies, so naturally people needed a small recap.But, I absolutely love every second of it. The bar scene was amazing and made the song (derezz?) understandable when watching with the movie.I really want to watch it again, but I think it's too late...might as well wait for the Blu-ray release. ^_^
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