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Of course you knew I had to see this movie, and I actually caught it a week ago, but I just had to throw up a thread encouraging anyone else with even a mild interest in it to go see it. It's a story that has long deserved to be told, and one that Gus Van Sant did so skillfully and respectfully, while at the same time not glossing over his subject's faults. The movie is not only impeccably timely in light of the travesty of the election results in California, Florida, and Arizona, and the crossroads the gay rights movement now faces in its aftermath, but it's also just a great bit of film making and a thoroughly entertaining history lesson in general, with plenty of laughs and poignant moments to be shared.Sean Penn and his supporting cast do such a fine job of performing their roles that not once did I have trouble buying into it like I did with so many other attempts at depicting the gay community and intimate relationships between men. That includes the highly acclaimed Brokeback Mountain, which up to this point was the best Hollywood could come up with but still felt awkward and way too dysfunctional for my taste. To see Penn and James Franco interact as lovers early on just made me smile because of how it naturally drew similarities with the way I am with my boyfriend. That's a feeling no other movie (including ones made by gays for gays) had been able to capture for me until now.Even though the movie winds to an inevitably sad ending, you come away from it with plenty of hope. It's still amazing to me how much one guy like Harvey Milk was able to inspire (of course not without an extremely vocal movement behind him as well). Not only in getting elected to office, but also to be able to strike down an equally blatantly bigoted proposition against gay teachers at the polls in far less favorable political environment than today (a point driven home not only by the script but also by all the archival footage of Anita Bryant and other television coverage). It just shows how complacent we've gotten over time even though we've come a long way in the three decades since his death. Prop 8 passing may be a mixed blessing yet however since it's rekindled the sense of outrage and determination to fight openly for what's ours. If it's one thing you come away from witnessing this story on the silver screen, it's that being out and genuine is the only way to be heard and respected. And though we probably don't and shouldn't need one any more, I wish we had another Harvey Milk to rally around now.“If a bullet should enter my brain, let that bullet destroy every closet door.” - Harvey Milk, November 1977
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I think me and my wife are going to this movie, even though I know how it ends.
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Great movie, sean penn did an amazing job. Seeing the clips of the real harvey milk just demonstrates how good his performance was.
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I have been wanting to see it, only a few theaters around here are showing it. I am going to try to on Sunday, have only heard great things.
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