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How the fuck did this movie not do better?I just watched it a couple of days ago and wow. Sure it the plot's a little convoluted and messy, but damn is it ever entertaining. Some of the special effects are a little sketchy, but mostly it's really gorgeous stuff and fun to watch. Great music too. Moby needs to score more movie soundtracks. It's sort of weird timing that I only just watched it as it's set between June 27, 2008 and July 4th, 2008.I hope this becomes a cult classic and has more success in a rerelease because it's really a much better movie that anyone seems to be willing to admit.No clue what I'm talking about? It's a film from 2005/2006 that was shipped around to a lot of festivals, but never saw wide release, despite it's all-star cast.Check out the trailer here (It's best seen in HD)Some of the cast:Dwayne JohnsonSarah Michelle GellarMandy MooreSean William ScottJustin TimberlakeChristopher LambertJohn LarroquetteJon LovitzCheri OteriAmy PoehlerMiranda RichardsonWill SassoWallace ShawnNora DunnKevin SmithFull List
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I just watched this movie yesterday , the cast is great and all of there performances are awesome ( even Jon Lovitz stepped a bit out of his norm and was funny to see him acting this way ) . The Rock is great and is a much better actor than people give him credit for. But much like Donnie Darko ( its the same director ) it leaves a lot to the imagination as to what was going on. Im still confused about a lot of stuff in it.........will watch it again to try and piece it together
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I would have too agree...I saw it a few months back. All the acting(even Justin Timberlake) was really good. The entire movie had a great story and all....then it ended. It was then I realised......what....thats it? It almost felt like 5 or 6 separate movies none of witch had an ending. I didn't even notice how all over the place the plot was untill the end. If it wasn't for the acting that movie would be a peice of shit.
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