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Comics never used to be much fun for their rare female characters, but with more women in the industry, kick-ass heroines are taking over, writes Kira Cochrane Wednesday January 23, 2008The Guardian [FONT=Geneva,Arial,sans-serif]'Beautiful as Aphrodite, wise as Athena, stronger than Hercules' ... Wonder Woman [/FONT] Think of a comics convention, and what springs to mind? Gaggles of teenage boys gawping over the latest Batman toys? Men leading reluctant girlfriends from stall to stall? That fog of adolescent boy stench - sports socks, testosterone and Lynx?Once upon a time, perhaps. "It used to be that there might be girls tagging along with their boyfriends or fathers, pretty miserable," says comics writer Gail Simone, who has been attending conventions for years. Now though "they are actively there with their girlfriends, or they've dragged their boyfriend along. They really want to know how to get into the industry, how to be a writer, or an artist. Or you find out that they're already writing books about women and comics, or writing about the subject online. It's amazing!"Continued...
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Wow did Scot just pulled a Mayor Young? I think the Video Game and Comic Industry are evolving close with one another when it comes to audience. Either comics find an audience and then are complimented on it by video games (like X-men Legend) through the interactive quality. Or the complete opposite happens where the select audience that favors a video game (halo for example) and migrate to comics to get more details on the story line instead of waiting for the next big game sequel to come out months (or years) later.
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Wow, the just realized that boobs can sell things to males?
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