TOPIC: 24 Hours of "What the F#ck Were We Thinking?"

24 Hours of "What the F#ck Were We Thinking?" 12 years 4 months ago #295780

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This week marked the dawn of the 24 Hour Comic Podcast. Where a bunch of idiots entered a comic shop at 9a.m. on Sat, hit record at 10a.m. and didn't stop again until 10a.m. on Sun. Yes, you read that right...24 hours of talking, movie commentary, fighting, laughing, trivia, and the full melt down of one human being that seems to want to marry my lady. Its was a crazy, one of a kind day and I will never do it again...maybe. Chris Burnahm also did a 24 page comic in the 24 hours, which is fucking more insane than us all talking for that long.So, check out my slide show, with music from Hour 7 of the podcast, when my girlfriend Casey came in a gave us all a break by singing a few songs.For those those of you interested in listening to human disasters go over to...24 Hour Comic Podcast...and give a try. It will be everything from funny to sad.A big thanks to Mike and Crank for putting this thing together and making run smoothly and Mark at Dark Tower Comics for letting us rough necks use his store to house this social experiment.
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