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Back in the day my brothers used to read comics all the time. And I would casually look at them. Now that I'm older, I've started watching some anime. I've found some Robotech, Trigun and my favorite so far Golgo 13. My question to any of you comics fans is, where's a good place to look up the variety of comics from the DC to Marvel rivalry? To finding out more japanese anime & manga? I've been to one anime convention here on the east coast. And I was impressed how well the story and characters were developed. It was more than a simple cartoon. Second question, is anyone here familiar with cbr files (comic book archive files)? I stumbled across the a "Batman" comic online, and found this comic was in "cbr" format. I got the comic reader program and a great time reading it on my computer. I even found a way of converting the comic to fit on my PSP. Does anyone know where I can find DC, Marvel or anime "CBR comics" ??thanks for reading this,zigzagmaru aka rich in bmore
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Most torrent sites have comics for download...(not that I would point you in a direct location or anything....*cough*(I thought by putting "cough" around it I could get around the one rule that has)*cough*)As for your first question....what?
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I thought there was two rules...Don't be a douche.
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I don\'t even know why I still try.
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Marvel has release The Amazing Spider-Man The first 40 years which also include his first appearance on CD ROM all PDF and awesome quality. I have been reading through it for quite some time. I believe they also release a version for Uncanny XMen. If you are interested in seeing the progression of the American comic art form I would definitely suggest getting the Spider-Man CD rom. There is a big big big difference in art direction, how they are directed and the amount of dialog between modern comics and those back in the 60s. Trade paper backs are also a good way of getting a big chunk of the story at once. You can pick them up at any comic store of course and also a lot of book stores carry them now. I like anime but I haven't really gotten into any Manga but I know there is a lot out there. They have this stuff at regular bookstores too.Also, Golgo 13 kicks ass.
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Thanks for the info on Marvel JoeDigitech. I have checked out there website and they have quite a few things that I will buy. But I hope Marvel or DC comics has some kind of guide that I can look up info on a character/comic book. (Example) Right now, I keep informed about my favorite tv shows by going to websites that have episode guides. These guides tell me the number of episodes, chronological order and synopsis of television episodes. If I can find something like that for comics, then that would steer me in the right direction. I may have to go to the local comic book dealer/book store to see what they have available.Thanks for the info everybody,zigzagmaru
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Hope I don't derail, but your post reminded me of how much I LOVED the Golgo 13 NES game (anyone else play that one?). It had a little bit of everything in it, and I still remember hoping my mom or dad didn't walk in when he had the chick up in his hotel room and the lights went out.Racy!!! :pp.s. I'd be all over that Spider-man compilation that JoE mentioned. ASM hosted some of my favorite artists, including Ditko, Kane, Romita, McFarlane, Bagley, name it!
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