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From House of M, to Infinite Crisis 13 years 11 months ago #155575

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Many comic book fans remember the biggest events in comics' past.There's always the tagline, "the story you'd never thought to see".Then comes the anticipation, the answer, disappointment or flaming success.For the printed page in 2005, its been a very promising year. With an abundance of titles hitting store shelves, and some hidden gems. Plus a bit of changes.. again we see more projects that take up most of the year, and spread over cover pages. Good or bad thing? Guess it depends on your opinion of how a story should unfold.When you look at two of the biggest stories this year. Its not easy to make a contrast. Such mini-series overlap a huge amount of time, and maybe cover some 12 side-issues. Is this needed? This is what Marvel decided to do. While starting anew with "House Of M", with an excellent group behind it. It fell short of expectations. Was there too much story to tell? Maybe.But that's not just the case. The mini-series itself branched out way too far, for many to even keep up with. Though it was great to see something build, it could have gone farther story-wise. HoM 1-8, great artwork, writing, and well a story that felt mixed. Yet you still felt engaged to buy another copy. House of M's story unfolds, with a glance, through Wanda Maximoff's psyche. She's happy, giving birth to a child. But a voice nearby reminds her, "no put it back, this is not real". Turning a cold shoulder, and doesnt listen. More and more pressure builds, from everything to everyone around her. Until she lets out tears of sadness and anger.. at herself. Tying a knot to Wanda, just six months ago she lost control of herself due to a nervous breakdown. And unfortunately killed some of her teammates in the process. Falling to pieces even more, she closeted away her inner thoughts for the time being.. (until now that is)Only a short while later, a call to all heroes alike to come together. Bringing very surprising results. A bit of time pass, and Pietro comes to ties with his Father on what may come to be for his sister. Its not the father / son talk you might be expecting. Meanwhile back at the ranch.. the team of Avengers & X-men try to come up with some kind of plan that will work with everyone. So the gang heads out to Genosha, with set in mind to seek out Wanda (if they can) What they do find, doesnt want them period.. and ol pal Spidey sense go a bit haywire, until a flash of light overshadows them all. Only to wake up in a bed, being called by his wife.. (Ish #1)To think, something like this fits one issue. But the writing is done, it treats the gang with respect, yet giving a bit of their persona that many fans have come to love. But the neat touch of having so many in one mini-series is a bit thought provoking. It doesn't treat them seperately, and this is Bendis we're talking about (a novel writer that's been gaining alot of nods for awhile).*Many more things unfold later in the main part of the mini-series, but this is the part readers should keep up with. Not the side-stories. So much overlaps the other it might diminish someone's patience to even wait for the next ish.Over the next amount of issues in HoM, things of course get a bit darker. Plus we follow things through Logan's eye's for a time being. But the story goes into a parallel mindset. As if you're following with the character, who's now taken by a new personality (are you, who you think you might be?) What may have been real before doesnt exist here, or used to. And coming into contact with many others in this alternate reality. Logan takes it upon himself to get the gang back together. And finding out whom really brought this ideal world in one place, and set mind..As all things come together later on, it all ties to an unexpected source. Pietro, Wanda's brother comes to be the cause of this. On one wish, to make things better than they were before. How in what ways? that is for you, the reader to decide.Even though HoM concluded, the story is not yet done. With an additional story "Son of M", we follow Pietro throughout the ongoing mini-series, and see from his owns eyes' to what events he corrupted, and became a part of. Not only that, but when HoM "concluded" its not the reality everyone knew. So are they still tied to Wanda's psyche? We'll find out more soon enough.Infinite Crisis DC Comic's power title reidentifies itself with readers once more. Undergoing significant changes, the intertwine comic issues create a side story, before bringing the reader into the bigger conclusions at hand. Seeing a glimpse from every character's perspective, and some well known faces. If you've kept track, or kept up at all. This is the main mini-series to keep your eyes on. Still undergoing publishing near year's end, only @ issue #3 this mini-series has unfolded in alot of big ways. As a saying goes with comics "all knots are tied". And this holds very true with Infinite Crisis.Spreading over a dozen books, yet with their own spin. The crack team behind the main story has a go with stuff you wouldn't expect in such a saga. From "Identity to Infinite" this is where the thread of fate ends.With the side-story from "Identity" to a pre-release this summer. Many things have enveloped the DC Comics universe in a big way. How so? With a story still ongoing, even after its done. (*One Year Later -the conclusion? of what's happened literally a year later in the actual DC verse and it effects everyone)So there's a summary, in a loving nutshell. It goes without saying, 2005 has been a great year for comics. If you haven't been reading these two mini-series, shame on you. Just ask your friendly comic shop, and they will show you the way.
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