TOPIC: Sci fi fans, introducing free books from Baen

Sci fi fans, introducing free books from Baen 14 years 4 months ago #111001

Baen Books, is pretty much a dedicated sci-fi/fantasy outfit. Some of my favorite authors are published by the outfit. Now they're offering free downloadable scribblings from some their authors. This is a pretty good place to discover some new sci-fi authors. I've picked up a number of books after reading the same ones from this site.
Baen Books is now making available — for free — a number of its titles in electronic format. We're calling it the Baen Free Library. Anyone who wishes can read these titles online — no conditions, no strings attached. (Later we may ask for an extremely simple, name & email only, registration. ) Or, if you prefer, you can download the books in one of several formats. Again, with no conditions or strings attached. (URLs to sites which offer the readers for these format are also listed. )
Baen Free Library I recommend David Weber (esp. the Honor Harrington series), Eric Flint, and Mercedes Lackey.
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