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Rook;389676 wrote:
Then let me clarify my point. First of all, I like Scot, the podcasts, and this forum and everyone that posts on it. There are however things I DON'T like.I DON'T like Scot censoring people. Blanks posts are just an example. Scot seems to be under the assumption that squatters or whatever are driving people away, and keeping them from posting. This was, and never has been, the case. Never.
lol dude, That blank thing ended, like.... years ago. I think even blank is over it. Who cares?
Maybe I'm the only one, but I like visiting forums for the conversations happening, even if they are silly. Frankly, I'm a bit weary of coming here once a month and seeing a Happy Birthday Swine Flu thread. And yeah, Scot has done his part in making this the way it is. He chose sides, and took it a step further by banning people who disagreed with him. I can go to X forums and see a 4 page discussion about FF13, or I can come here and see 4 posts. Which case scenario do you think I prefer.I like the idea of what he introduced in this thread. But based on numbers, it's easy to come up with a leader-board right off the bat.
Well then what's the problem. Scot can only do so much. He puts his life into this thing, he's probably still in the red from it, what do you want him to do? Is unbanning blank going to solve the ALL the problems in the world?
Jesus, who cares. I can post on Alex Afrasiabi's site about how the quests in WoW suck and tell Curt Schilling his sinker is shit. Neither will get me banned.
So? I can down 2 monsters and still go to sleep.
Yeah, it's called gravity and fire. Argue about financial reform already, or something.
Please, don't get me started down that rabbit hole again, I've been off of it for a while now. I found that uncovering the skeletons of politics only leads to a headache. So I'd rather lie to myself, believe everything is fine and dandy, and join the rest of the sheeple.
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I hate joo.:([youtube]rfUYuIVbFg0[/youtube]
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