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Duc Duck Go 10 years 2 months ago #384419

A few months ago I discovered a new search engine, called Duck Duck Go. It isn't as good as SS Free Search (the best search engine in the world, in my opinion), however, it does have a competing chance with Google, Ask Jeeves (or as it's now called, just Ask, without the Jeeves), Yahoo! Search, Bing (or as it used to be called, and MSN Search), AOL Search, and others. As you can see, it operates differently from other search engines. This search engine has webmasters put a code on their site. Only websites with buttons on them appear in searches. Users of the search engine then vote on which websites should show up in search results first. So really, this search engine is sort of run by the people, rather than the company. The URL to this new search engine is:
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